Are you okay?

Just a little message for anyone needing some extra love right now.

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I lost my passport in the minivan taxi today. The taxi drove off before I realized. Reported lost. Gonna apply for a replacement.
That on top of a kinda crap week.

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Ouch. Losing a passport is a nightmare.


At least you aren’t stuck living at the airport now, right?


Well, I still have my DL, so crossing the border isn’t a big hassle. It’s the worry about someone savvy enough to try and steal my identity.

At least my credit rating is crap enough it won’t do them any good.

ETA: And my three names are the most Irish, Scottish, and English-sounding names for any Latin-born person to have. :man_shrugging:

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I almost forgot…

My day wasn’t even half as bad as the guy I saw today who had been run over in the pedestrian crossing here in TJ next to the Macroplaza Insurgentes. I hope he lived.


Way to look at the bright side! :joy:


Lucky Ducky!


So, finally some good? news with my transition. Got a call from the clinic the other day and they need to re-draw my blood before my Tuesday appointment. Estrogen levels were too high and they want to double check them.

After a year and a half, It looks like I might finally making real progress :partying_face:


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My appointment went well. Estrogen levels were just a little high, so my dosage is dropping a 10th of a milliliter and I’m getting another blood draw in a few weeks. I’m so happy to finally get some good news regarding my transition.

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This time of year can be so emotional for those of us who come from, let’s just say less than ideal families.
I’m okay, but it always brings up a lot of the feels. It can take some effort not to go into a negative mental spin.
I guess what I want to say is, if you feel this way, too, you are not alone.
Here’s to finding our healthy selves, and our supportive chosen families! Mutants of the world, unite!


Hugs :hugs:

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Are you okay?

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My estradiol dose was lowered by a 10th of a ml and I feel like I’m going through withdrawal.


My youngest brother had an alcohol relapse this week, and it’s one more problem added to the pile.

He’s in a treatment facility, but refusing to go to rehab, and refusing to talk to family except for me. He wants to come out here to California to stay, but we know it’s simply an avenue to avoiding the recovery work if he can manage to get here. We don’t think his car is going to make it, and are very worried he’s going to break down somewhere with no money, and no assistance from family to accomplish the trip.

I spoke to the doctor at the facility about his discharge coming up, and they don’t even know the hotel where he was staying and drinking.

ETA: I can give him a food and a bed, but he’s not going to get better if he sees me as an avenue to avoiding his therapy and rehab.


Week two of a lower estrogen dose is going better than the first. I have one more injection before I get tested again. Hopefully it doesn’t get lowered again. I had attempted to try a lower spiro dose as well, but had to give that up. My dysphoria over my facial hair shadow has gotten worse (I swear it’s getting darker and darker) and I had to pick up some makeup so I can cover it up and I have to say, makeup is way too fucking expensive. I’m certainly not looking forward to the additional time required to get ready for the day. It already takes me 30 min to shave every day ( I can’t wait until I can start laser treatments).


So, we managed to convince my brother to check into a rehabilitation facility, and his roommate says he is looking better. He was severely underweight, replacing food with alcohol, and from what I gather he was close to dying from complications if he didn’t get help.

In other news, I’m trying to not let this make my disposition even worse, because I am trying to catch up on rent and the guy who got us into this financial situation is forgetting he was the one who got us here and wants to kick me out of the house if I can’t come up with some money tomorrow. I am trying not to panic too much. I don’t know what I can do about the cats.

I’ve revised my GoFundMe if anyone would be nice enough to try to spread the word. Links at my thread, Knoxblox’s Re-Animated Blank Canvas.



So I had two really good nights at one of my jobs this weekend even though it was dead and I made no money. I recently started working as a server/bartender a few evenings a week and though I haven’t told people I’m trans, I do wear nail polish, women’s clothing, etc. Anyway because it was slow, I had a chance to talk with the other servers and had to hold back tears of joy as i slowly realized they weren’t talking to me like I was a guy. I felt like I was just one of the girls.

Then on Saturday, my boss who owns both places I work, opened up a little to me and even shared some privileged information regarding some upcoming changes with the businesses. I feel trusted at work ( I’ve only worked for him for 6 months) and based off of some of the more personal things he’s said along with gender identity being covered in the non discrimination policy, it should be no problem coming out at work.