Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?


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It makes me resentful to think that people live in places where you can just grow edible oranges.


maybe you can grow things that the people in the orange-growing places would love to grow?


I checked with the Wife, I’m still on the top 5 list, it’s a good day in my world…


I like it. It reminds me of something Raymond Carver might have written, one of his later pieces.


Icicles perhaps? Anybody got any lust/love/like for static water?


Here? No.

Real Life? Probably not, but my mom probably thinks I am ok.



Oh, what might have been.


Moms are always a safe bet.


I’m probably this guy’s favorite person.

Past that, I’m probably on my mom’s top-7 list (let’s see, 1 husband, 4 children, 2 grandchildren, yep, that’s 7).


I will now burn all of my hoodies.


Real-life conversation with my young daughter a while back:

Her: “Daddy, what is the universe?”

Me: “The universe is the whole world and the sun and the moon and all the stars and planets and galaxies and everything in them.”

Her: “Daddy, I love you as much as the universe.”

Me: (welling up) “Oh, that is so swee-”

Her: “…and I love Mommy more than the universe.”


I had one of those

Kid: Dad, you’re my favorite in the whole house … 'cuz mom’s not here right now!

ETA: Yours is much better !


I’d be up there for my youngest daughter. The other two have moved out of that “my parents are the best” stage. At one point maybe my wife’s … but she knows a lot of people.


I’m the second or third favorite person of three cats. I can’t hope for much more right now. :heart_eyes_cat:


Blue point siamese? Very select company!


He has that look, but he was born to an auto-shop cat and whichever stray caught her at the right time. He looks like a fancy cat, but I don’t think he really is (not to the snooty fancy cat people, anyway) he’s just very pretty.


Yeah I am pretty sure my kids mom wins. Maybe when she gets older and they start butting heads.


i don’t understand the point of the short, but i have this crush on John C. Reilly for reasons i don’t fully comprehend, and i’ll watch anything with him in it.