Armed militia member arrested after man is shot at Albuquerque protest

Just look what this sorry excuse of a person has around his neck when he is apprehended.


I’m not being flippant and am probably missing the obvious, but I cannot figure out what a tin foil wrapped roll of toilet paper on a chain is ammosexual cosplay for. Ball and chain? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


People were calling the police for a half hour before the shooting, but they didn’t come until afterwards. And tear gassed the crowd when they got there.

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I read down a rabbit hole that the authorities were heard referring to this militia—make that vigilantes—as “armed friendlies” on their radio transmissions. Can’t find it again, so can’t cite a verification.

Also, note the lack of pig piles and knees on necks, but they look more like military than police, so there’s that.


Here are the origins of the armed friendlies story.

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I’ve seen this in the news about German anti-lockdown protests, but also already IRL before seeing it in the media. Mostly balls rolled from aluminium foil on a string, sometimes also toilet paper on a string, in this case both combined, in some cases the literal tin foil hat.

t’s a call sign. It’s “ironic” or “clever” and appeals to various backgrounds - full nutjob CT arseholes as well as concerned citizens who have a sense of humour and not the sense to distance themselves from those who try to hijack any protest to push their neo-fascists agenda.

Bottom line: it is trolling. Fuck this asshats.


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