Arrested Oregon militia leader tells occupiers to go home

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On the one hand, yeah total narcissist. On the other, I can’t really complain too loudly about him telling the armed crazies to leave the wildlife refuge.


If additional crimes are committed by the remaining occupiers, I wonder if the arrested co-conspirators will be charged with additional felonies?

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“We’re camping out tonight here, by this campfire,” 27-year-old David Fry [one of the remaining occupiers] told the [New York Times], adding that they would stay “until someone starts listening or until they slaughter us”.

You already have what Leah Lebresco describes as “a 93% discount” on grazing fees courtesy of the BLM and you’re willing to die for the remaining 7%? Yeah, yeah, I get it, you’re standing for more than just grazing rights but individual freedom, blah, blah, blah— look dammit, there are people (I assume) who love you and care about you and would vastly prefer you continuing to live over money, and a pittance at that.


The “speaking through his attorney” bit immediately makes me wonder whether he’s said it more to protect himself or because of an offered deal, rather than just hogging the glory. Sort of the flip side of the problem - if the remaining people decide to do something stupid at this point, how much of the blame could be put on him if he didn’t tell them to back off?


“Go home and hug your families.”

It’s a little late for that, I hope. “Go to jail and look at your families through plexiglass during visiting hours” is all that should be available to them at this point.


He’s worried someone else will become the hero, the center of attention,

Yes. 1000x yes.


I’m starting to think you don’t have strong enough cognitive dissonance to prosper on the Internet, even here on bOINGbOING.

On an unrelated note, still liking that cowboy hat. The turned up side brims are very practical when roping cattle.

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Party’s over, go back to where you are from Reich Wingers.

All to often true leverage is used to get forced statements. But not while someone is in custody. Once someone is arrested, it’s pretty uncommon to make public statements to followers to disband. Forced confessions seem all to common. But forced public statements, heck, any statement other than proclaiming innocence, is rare enough that none come to mind.

Hey, sorry if my post bugs people. I just had an “Oh shit, could that happen here*?” epiphany. Should have kept it to myself.

  • here meaning this country, not this case.

Don’t worry, I’m a cognitive dissident.


Apparently a few stragglers are still hanging out at the refuge drinking beer and smoking pot.

Maybe someone should have told them that you don’t need to stage an armed takeover of a Federal facility to do that in Oregon.


Yeah yeah, anything to keep the “Big gubmint is TYRANNY!” meme going, amirite?


As a Portlander, I was initially worried that they brought them here, but now I’m giddy at the idea of them being driven into the belly of the liberal beast to face their crimes. (That’s going to be my superhero name - The Liberal Beast.)

If they’re in the jail I think they are we can get a message to them, by chalking it on the “jail sidewalk” that they can look down on. (The downtown jail is a high rise building.) Any suggestions?


QR code for 55 gal. bucket of lube?


There’s already one of those. The dude is a highly regarded intellectual who spends his free time as a political activist fighting bigotry and discrimination.


Shhhh! Don’t tell Kelsey Grammer!


Surely the color of his character’s fur should have tipped him off by now.


A little long, but a little response for Ryan Bundy that would be nice to share:
“You know how many endangered species you’re dealing with in jail right now? Zero, because it doesn’t matter any more.”

(Ryan Bundy recently said “You know how many endangered species we’re dealing with on our ranch right now? Zero, because it doesn’t matter any more.”)

That’s so they can fit three in the front seat of a pickup truck.

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