Assistant police chief unrepentant after posting racist cartoon, but will lose job


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I’ll bet Wayne is his middle name.


Sorry you are an unrepentant racist asshole in public chief but that disqualifies you from the job and now we gotta find one smart enough to keep their unrepentant racist assholery private… and you wonder why nobody trusts the poliice.

Also that choice of font for his facebook page should be grounds for dismissal as well.


And he can’t even spell or form a complete sentence.


Anybody know the original context of the illustration used for the meme?


I shared somebody else’s posts and everybody mad at me again

So it wasn’t the first time …

… I’m to lazy to find out, but I’m not surprised.


Who doesn’t want to hire a cop who advocates drowning children and racism?

Was that wrong?
was that wrong


Holy fucking shit…

Why is it the racists are also the dumbest fuckers on the planet?


Jesus, he’s just saying that if his own daughter liked a black boy, he would drown her in a bathtub. Why do you SJWs need to read race into everything??


There are plenty of things that aren’t illegal, but they’re still sackable offences.


Well, I think it speaks for itself.


That sinking feeling when your city’s police chief’s greatest intellectual achievement is graduating high school.


From his Facebook page it appears that he has two sons. Well, let me just say that I hope one of his son’s first crushes is a negro boy. (Minus the bathtub incident).


Let’s count the red flags shall we?
1st red flag: "everyone is mad at me again…"
2nd red flag: using the word negro.

Actually…fuck it…that’s enough red flags for me to say “Please go the fuck away and never return.”


I don’t think that’s the guy’s choice, it’s whoever took the screen cap.


Okay then 20 lashes with a wet noodle and mandatory tasteful design classes for the offender if that is the case.


I don’t know the source, but it looks like it may be shopped from the original in some way.

Looking at the Mother’s hand on the back of the child’s head, she has “blurry” hands and traces of multiple fingers (in excess of normal).
The blurred fingers also look like an interlacing artifact from a video frame where the hand was moving, so there’s that as well.

GIS shows nothing but this image being used as a meme for a variety of things.


This is a shot of the bustling downtown where he is Assistant Police Cheif

This is Trumps America.


Well, at least there are no vagrant Negroes loitering about. /sarcasm


Um, no, that’s just part of it. Sexist racist misogynistic homophobes come in a lot of shapes and sizes, I mean income brackets.