At Georgia rally, Trump declares repeatedly he refuses to accept that he lost election to Biden

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I had forgotten that Lord Dampnut was supposed to speak at this rally tonight.
It doesn’t matter what the results of the election were; I, for one, will not rest (relatively) easy until
Biden is sworn in, about 6 long weeks from now…

Even then, he still won’t go away.


Hopefully they (rally supporters) liquidate their assets and forward proceeds to Trump.


I think Trump is currently liquifying his ass off in this shit fest of his.

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I love the Trump tantrum and look forward to uncovering whatever this charade is meant to keep us from seeing, personally.


Verifying Trump’s humanity is harder every day.


“I’ve probably worked harder in the last three weeks than I ever have in my life. Doing this.”

A reminder that he’s spent much of the last three weeks golfing. But this is still probably true.

The open embrace of the victim narrative is interesting, given Republicans long deriding the Democrats as engaging in the politics of victimhood. So, I guess, one can’t claim to be a victim because, say, one is the victim of racism, but one is a victim because… your candidate lost the election because more people voted against him.


Uh, it’s long been SOP for Republicans, Trump especially. He’s the Whiner in Chief.


A grift that any evangelical leader would envy. So much $$$ in such a short amount of time.


It could be a grift. But at the same time, I suspect he will just refuse to leave. Knowing full well he will be escorted out; it’s the spectacle at this point. There’s lots of stuff he didn’t think would pan out (like winning the election), so he might not be planning necessarily on holding a coup as such, but just making lots of noise and see if other people take care of the problem for him. What the heck, what does he have to lose, right?

This “fuck it, we’ll just see what happens” attitude seems to be how he ran his presidency so far. It may explain why refusing to accept the results of the election doesn’t seem to be following any coherent plan, except to rile up the base to donate money.


The usual biological method is to cut-open the suspect and examine its innards. But that gets messy and smelly. Ewww…

Oh, indeed - the Republicans have been the party of “white grievance” for a while now. Trump has hugely capitalized on that and fed it to new extents. But they deny that’s what they are, normally; it’s all coded. They certainly don’t actually come out and explicitly say, “We’re the real victims here!”

No, being hauled out, which he knows will happen, would be humiliating. He’ll be gone by the time Biden moves in, doing his own events to draw attention away from Biden. It’s almost certain, from what he’s hinted, that Trump will be staging a rally during Biden’s inauguration, for example. He’ll move out of the White House “for the good of the nation,” acting like he should be lauded for his forbearance, while denying he lost the election, of course.


The night they drove old Donny down
All the people were singin’


I have wondered, though, if Stephen Miller and/or some other WH staff might show up at their desk on Jan. 20, pretending like nothing’s changed since their boss is still in charge (except that, in that case, they should maybe be at the Capitol, since their boss would ostensibly be getting re-inaugurated there) and then refusing to leave. E.g. “I still work here! Stop the steal!” If not Miller, maybe someone there will have to be escorted out. Though by then, their show of fealty might not even matter to Trump.


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I suspect it is not meant to keep us from anything other than the fleecing of his supporters for many millions of dollars for as long as he can, to support this charade of a stolen election. He’ll go in Jan, with all their money in his bank account and no questions will be asked (or will they?) about what happened to all those millions.


he refuses to accept that he lost the recent election to President-Elect Joe Biden, and is presenting the “stolen” election as a kind of Lost Cause

This makes a lot of sense. Red staters (some of them) are already primed for that thought pattern for why the Civil War/Confederacy/“heritage” were a good thing (combined with their christianity telling them over and over what wronged “victims” they are). Trump’s current lie pattern slips right into their brain’s arrangement of already existing lies: “The South/Christ/Trump were treated unjustly and shall rise again.”


Straight white males are always the victim if they don’t get their way! We are very snowflakey in that way.


Technically, in the con-man industry, its known as “reloading.” Once you have a list of suckers, its considered unethical to stop milking them until they are completely dry.