At insane speeds, Moto2 racer pulls other rider's brake and gets banned

Reckless endangerment at the least. Maybe attempted murder. :open_mouth:


Props to Stefano Manzi for maintaining is cool and keeping the bike up


I wouldn’t even want to take my hand off my own bike at that speed (or any speed really), let alone reach over and do that crazy shit.


It is nice that Manzi didn’t fight back.

On the other hand, we’ll be missing a new type of dystopian sport.

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I have a dim dark recollection of motocross racers stretching a foot out to change down the gears of on adjacent riders bikes. That seemed well dickish enough.


Here is a screen capture of the kick you mentioned. Video is on You tube and after the kick, he reached over during a stoppage and hit the guys kill switch. Not sure how that works on these bikes but the other rider was dead in the water. I assume they have an external starter to start these bikes.


It’s kinda stunning he hasn’t been entirely banned from the sport. Or been beaten to a pulp by his own teammates.


This is like something that horrible CGI racecar driver from that horrible CGI Star Wars movie would pull.

So now on top of making me angry over a case of attempted murder, he’s made me angry for thinking about The Phantom Menace.


That guy is tired of being a racer and wants to try out life as a villain.

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What, Trump was also a moto GP rider as well.
What a man.
Is there anything that man can’t do ?
Trump is my new HERO, now.

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Fenati has since apologized to the “whole sports world” following news that his contract had been terminated.

“This morning, with a clear mind, I wish it had been just a bad dream,” the statement read. “I think and I think back to those moments, I made a disgraceful gesture, I was not a man!”

“I should not have reacted to provocations. The criticisms are correct and I understand the resentment towards me.”

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To paraphrase Rainer Wolfcastle: “with a large pile of money surrounded by beautiful women.”


not only fired from his current team, but his contract for next year on a different team has also been cancelled


Bump-start. It only takes a little nudge to get them going, but they’d normally have a mechanic to give them a push.



I am pretty sure this happened in bicycle racing before dual control levers came in. Downtube shifters were easy to reach from another bike.

My thought exactly

Anyone else remember the bicycle pump scene in 1979’s Breaking Away?


well, if he’d tried that on my brakes, i would have kicked the living daylights out of him, that’s for sure.
kudos to the affected rider for not going WW3 on him post race.

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