At insane speeds, Moto2 racer pulls other rider's brake and gets banned

Breaking Away is a first-rate film, and that bike pump scene is a real heart-breaker. (Spoiler alert!)


Not the point I was trying to make. Taken out of the context of Moto GP, and put into the context of politics, then apply the question…

“Why would you want to win if you knew you cheated? How would you enjoy the “victory”?”

Horrible people are happy to “win” no matter how they “won”. They sleep just fine because they are “winners”.

But I’m sure you knew that and were trying to be absurd or something.

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Wow. Just wow. You just painted every single politician of an entire party with the brush of a motorcycle racer that almost killed his competitor in a brazenly stunt. Do you judge all people of the same skin color, country of origin, or religion that don’t match yours in the same way?

The friendly version:

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Guess what…political affiliation is not a federally protected class, so fuck off with that noise.


There was nothing sneaky about this. It was an open demonstration of retaliation. I’m sure in Fenati’s mind, it was a display of his discontent with the rider that “started” the incident, and a twisted attempt at creating a deterrent.

People often are not AS bewildering as we think, once some context becomes available.

This is the true crime, here. Shit goes down all the time, and just the thinnest veneer of doubt needs to remain as to appear accidental. In this case, there is none. Since this is a spectator sport, appearance is all.

And it’s brought to you by … GOOD WOOD!

Also, holy crap that man can ride!


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