At least two dead after man opens fire at Mississippi Walmart

There’s an affinity for violence, too. Most people don’t carry knives anymore. (I do, but it’s a little folding pocket knife I carry for work tasks. Hardly something that I’d think would be effective in threatening someone.)


Yeah, the affinity for violence, the toxic masculinity, is the precondition for all of this, the impulse that they can’t control.


My Leatherman’s blade is not frightening. My Bowie knife (a gift) hangs on a wall. But I know some guys (and gals) with bayonets always at hand. And switchblades and spring stilettos abound. If I weren’t lazy, I’d look up statistics on blade vs firearms attacks.

You know how there is The Weather Channel, with wall to wall weather reports, and MTV with … well … they used to have wall to wall music videos, although I think the last time they played an actual music video was some time in May 2008. Anyhoo, you get the idea …

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