At Long Last, Has the President Lost it?


Or does he just really, really suck at improv?


The only thing he’s lost are the cue cards telling him what to say.

This is back to how he was in the primaries- random unfocused policies pulled out of nowhere, that have to be “clarified” and repositioned later. It’s what enabled a load of people to project what they wanted onto the random noise.


Well if that doesn’t make his base drop him I don’t know what the fuck will.



This is the second time in a couple of minutes that I’m reminded of something William Burroughs wrote: in this case, “The Coming of the Purple Better One”

The features of other candidates are projected onto Homer’s face from a laser installation across the park, so that he seems to embody them all


Baby cannibalism on live stream? (Only if the babies in question are blonde, blue-eyed Gerber clones, of course.)


It’s pizza time!


Little ones can have really good instincts about people. Poor baby.


I trust the instincts of small children and animals way more than I do those of adults when it comes to detecting nefariousness.

Especially these days.


Maybe if he came out against racism?


Would have been the perfect time for a baby-back-of-fist punch to tRump’s schnoz.



Same size hands, right? Seems fair.


Now now. Similar size, but not exactly the same. There is no place for hyperbole when discussing Pres…

Sorry, I swear I’m not laughing. I’ll be able to type again soon.


That makes me think of a bumper sticker I saw: “If my dog doesn’t like you, neither do I.” My sister told me that more than once, her dog made it very clear she didn’t like a guy who turned out to be creepy.


That about sums it up.


I just checked the thermometer over at Breitbart.

Firstly, they actually reported on this. Secondly, overwhelmingly the comments section was filled with Alt-Right tears.

Some were suggesting that this is more of that 4-d chess, though. I would say about a quarter of people were of the “wait and see” variety.

Anyways, the tears, they are delicious. If this keeps up, the next sign of the GOP turning on him is suddenly the Russia investigation getting lip service as being legitimate.


…as they’ve been saying all along.


If somebody meaner and crazier and more awful runs against him in the primary …


“At Long Last, Has the President Lost it?” No. Just more of his “winging it” but, D. Feinstein has:



Trump is using the language of his opponent as countermeasures … like how $400,000 heat seeking missiles are defeating by a happy flare boye.