Atlanta strippers' PSA hauls mens' "booty to the poll"

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Is Blondie involved? Because she’s the only ATL stripper that matters…

But seriously, I do love this. Good on them!


That was awesome, and marks the first time I’ve ever upvoted something on YouTube. :smiley:


i have many mixed feelings about this.


I really appreciate that they are making the case for why those down-ballot races matter to your life. Lots of folks feel turned off and powerless because of the electoral college and the general awfulness of federal politics. The reminder that you are voting for school board and DA makes this a really good campaign even before you get to the unusual hook.


I mean… sex sells, why not use it to promote democratic change.


By any means necessary!!! Mad props to ATL. This is awesome.


More news like this, please.

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“You can’t make it rain if you locked up on some bullshit.”

Real talk.


Great work by the ATL strippers. We all need to get out and vote.
Makes me miss “The Combat Zone” though. Boston strippers used to get involved in politics too.

At this point, I’ll go for anything that helps change our F-ed up system.

Also, have to make the pervy comment that they totally missed a hilarious chance to just write “V” on one cheek, and “TE” on the other…

ahhhh the Clermont :heart: that place is fabulous!!!

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It’s weird how gentrified Ponce is now, but the Clermont lounge soldiers on. The Clermont hotel is a boutique hotel, there is Ponce City market right next door, and they closed the Murder Kroger for renovation. I haven’t been down there in months (pandemic, thanks), but it’s super-bougie now.


Sadly only visited once, ten years ago now. It’s truly amazing the speed at which gentrification takes over these days. I wonder how long the lounge lasts until the new occupants grow tired it…

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it’s an ATL landmark… if they were going to have shut it down, they would have already done so. The fact that so many famous people go there while in town is helping save it for now. But it could still get closed in the future. I hope not, though.


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