Attempted Coup in the United States: Tracking Investigations and Fallout

  • Magazines with “Mandalorian” logo
  • grenade launcher, but no ammo for same (thankfully)
  • shotgun shell loops, but no shotgun
  • TWO leatherman multitools
  • at least he has a chamber plug installed

As silly as his getup is, I’m worried most about how he came by a 40mm grenade launcher? I wonder if his cop buddies will be providing him CS grenades?


Thank you. I see “Holy shit, scary.” You see “idiot cosplaying.” Still, idiots hurt people. And he has gear that could, if wielded by someone less stupid. Still, somehow I feel better.


I see an idiot cosplaying who has very dangerous gear and is probably itching to use it.



Hey thanks for educating me!

I have heard preppers on Youtube say “two is one and one is none” so that may explain the two multitools. The only reason I bring up prepper culture is because there’s a paracord bracelet on the guy’s right wrist, and those feature frequently in how-to videos and articles that preppers (and others, I’d have to assume) have online.1

No idea if that helmet mount for camera has a camera on it, or if it is live-stream enabled, but that would be… worth tracking.

The Mandalorian logos seem to be an interesting personal statement, or maybe that’s just how he identifies his magazines from other people’s. Like, maybe too many people have painted the Punisher logo on their stuff, so identifier is useless.

The part that bothers me is the clear plastic coiled wire coming out of his right ear. That’s comms, and that means coordination with… others. Who is in their chain? and what conclusions might we draw about whether authorities are monitoring their comms passively or more… actively?2

  1. I review prepper material when I have to refresh / repack my wildfire-emergency-evac bags for our family in the urban-wildland interface outside of Austin. We’ve had mandatory evacuation orders before and will probably have them again because wildfires suck.
  2. It’s one thing to listen on a police scanner, or on a CB radio or whatever other common / cheap frequencies that don’t need fancy equipment. It’s another thing to understand who the puppeteers are. I hope the duly constituted agencies responsible for civil government safety have a lot of help and good faith coworkers. I don’t think most Americans really grok how close we came to have Jan 6 turn out a lot worse.

The helmet mount looks like one for NVGs such as PVS-14. If the coil is for comms then he’s probably using it to call in his Pizza order. To his mom.

“Two is one and one is none” also works for software backups.


HCR puts together some recent pieces here in a way that makes it very clear that 1/6 really was an attempted coup, and not just an insurrection, and certainly not just a riot.






That’s the holy gospel of backing up data.


I was going to say some of the same things. Two Leathermans are redundant unless you have a dedicated Raptor scissor to go along with a regular Leatherman (I seen a volunteer paramedic with that loadout before at Walmart). With EDC you want quality for things you know you are not going to lose or possibly get confiscated.

Paracord is not exactly the most useful thing in a urban/suburban environment. You’re better off with a mini roll of duct tape wrapped around a used up gift card and maybe some rubberized twist ties.

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I am not sure those people even want genuine practicality. The most convincing explanation of the prepper phenomenon I have seen so far is that those are disaffected people, mostly men, who realize on some level that they are losers in the real world. They seek out skills and equipment that are attainable but not really appreciated in our society. That allows them to daydream about a world where all the rules change and their protein bar collection, their crossbow and their superior shitting-in-the-woods skills turn them into kings among men and they’ll be able to show everyone.

They don’t want to make it through the next tornado/flood/whatever as well as possible. They want the faint hope that they will be Mad Max when the time comes. Or if that fails, at least a Walking Dead season villain.


Then they freak out about the covid shutdowns and storm a state capital with guns demanding hair cuts. They ended up being the least capable to deal with a survival situation. Fetishizing “improvise, adapt and overcome” and the OODA loop but when the moment they’re asked to get a vaccine, wear a cloth mask to go the supermarket and wash their hands more frequently… they get angry and start pissing themselves because they are inconvenienced.


I am sure that for anyone who was actually worried about disasters, the single most important skill to learn would be first aid. If you’re really worried about the long haul I could also see things like gardening, cooking, and sewing. There’s also the nice bonus that although less critical, all of those happen to be useful now.


I appreciate the fact that in shows like “The Walking Dead” they show that rather quickly, once you get past actually living through a zombie encounter, you realize that food and education are actually massively important survival skills.


it’s always funny that the lowest paid - or even unpaid - jobs are the ones needed for survival. and those are the ones that in our women are often steered towards.

meanwhile, the things most likely to be useless, or get you ded quick ( like playing with guns ) are all well paid - or over paid - and often labeled as being for men.

day trader vs nurse?
cop vs kindergarten teacher?

i know who’d i want on my side


Black Woman Giggles GIF by Calisha Prince


From a story on Mike Flynn’s activities

But a little digging reveals that the Shepherd Group is not entirely new: rather, it appears to be a front for the militant group 1st Amendment Praetorian, previously a volunteer outfit that has deployed its self-described force of former armed forces and police personnel as security for right-wing leaders and events. The group’s name derives from the elite cadre of Roman soldiers who served as the emperor’s personal retinue.

Every man has his price.


Indeed. I found it interesting that even in gun-toting ruggedly individualist Texas, when the winter storm hit last year, most people (who weren’t Ted Cruz) didn’t immediately start looting their neighbours with their guns but rather helped each other as much as they could.

In a real post-apocalypse being able to defend your homestead will be much further down the list of necessary skills than being able to build a fire and grow food. But of course these things aren’t cool enough for the prepper mentality. I suspect that those that focus on guns and tactics in their prepping aren’t actually the ones that will “defend their families” from “looters” (which I am sure they imagine as minorities), in reality they will be the looters and home invaders.


So effed up, because of course, the National Guard should’ve been there doing the exact opposite.