Attempted Coup in the United States: Tracking Investigations and Fallout

Now we see if his pet Supremes were ss loyal as he thinks they should be.


They’re loyal to the Federalist Society, which they’ve already proved.

Just because he was promised that they’d ‘work’ for him doesn’t mean that was ever actually the plan.


The Pet Supremes is a band I’d rather not listen too.


Among those subpoenaed were Max Miller, who was an aide to President Donald Trump and is now an Ohio congressional candidate who the committee says met with Trump on Jan. 4 to discuss rally details, and another Trump aide, Robert “Bobby” Peede Jr., who also attended the meeting.

Others subpoenaed include former Trump aide Brian Jack, now an adviser to the political operation of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.); Stop the Steal movement organizer Ed Martin; and Kimberly Fletcher, a leader of Moms for America, the group that helped organize the Jan. 5 rally at Freedom Plaza and the rally at the Ellipse. The panel also subpoenaed Bryan Lewis, who obtained the permit for the rally.

In an op-ed published in The Washington Post in October, Miller’s ex-girlfriend Stephanie Grisham — a former Trump White House press secretary — accused a former partner of being violent toward her during their time working in the White House. Grisham didn’t name the individual in her op-ed, but within hours of the piece’s publication online, Miller sued her, alleging defamation.


The Pet Sumpremeteries sounds more interesting.


Is this thread going to be like the coronavirus thread, where we have Parts 1, 2, 3, ∞… ? the endless wearing down cultural acceptance [dare I say “norms”] like civil rights, women’s rights, voting rights, etc.? the normalization of coup plotters?


So…the justices would come back from the dead evil?


Some of them it won’t be much of a change. Though on the positive side; they’ll no longer be on the bench.


They might not relinquish the robes that easily. After all, the standards for being present and engaged are low enough that Clarence Thomas meets them.


The long and short of it? The rioters thought of themselves of being this when trying to pull the coup…

But everyone else who isn’t maga fanatic actually see them as being this…


What do I see? I see a potential domestic terrorist. I see someone preparing for a war, and hoping mightily to kill some people.

And I wish to hell and back that these dangerous asshats would be widely labeled and treated as such, instead of dismissed as delusional, unorganized, basically harmless weirdos.

  • Magazines with “Mandalorian” logo
  • grenade launcher, but no ammo for same (thankfully)
  • shotgun shell loops, but no shotgun
  • TWO leatherman multitools
  • at least he has a chamber plug installed

As silly as his getup is, I’m worried most about how he came by a 40mm grenade launcher? I wonder if his cop buddies will be providing him CS grenades?


Thank you. I see “Holy shit, scary.” You see “idiot cosplaying.” Still, idiots hurt people. And he has gear that could, if wielded by someone less stupid. Still, somehow I feel better.


I see an idiot cosplaying who has very dangerous gear and is probably itching to use it.



Hey thanks for educating me!

I have heard preppers on Youtube say “two is one and one is none” so that may explain the two multitools. The only reason I bring up prepper culture is because there’s a paracord bracelet on the guy’s right wrist, and those feature frequently in how-to videos and articles that preppers (and others, I’d have to assume) have online.1

No idea if that helmet mount for camera has a camera on it, or if it is live-stream enabled, but that would be… worth tracking.

The Mandalorian logos seem to be an interesting personal statement, or maybe that’s just how he identifies his magazines from other people’s. Like, maybe too many people have painted the Punisher logo on their stuff, so identifier is useless.

The part that bothers me is the clear plastic coiled wire coming out of his right ear. That’s comms, and that means coordination with… others. Who is in their chain? and what conclusions might we draw about whether authorities are monitoring their comms passively or more… actively?2

  1. I review prepper material when I have to refresh / repack my wildfire-emergency-evac bags for our family in the urban-wildland interface outside of Austin. We’ve had mandatory evacuation orders before and will probably have them again because wildfires suck.
  2. It’s one thing to listen on a police scanner, or on a CB radio or whatever other common / cheap frequencies that don’t need fancy equipment. It’s another thing to understand who the puppeteers are. I hope the duly constituted agencies responsible for civil government safety have a lot of help and good faith coworkers. I don’t think most Americans really grok how close we came to have Jan 6 turn out a lot worse.

The helmet mount looks like one for NVGs such as PVS-14. If the coil is for comms then he’s probably using it to call in his Pizza order. To his mom.

“Two is one and one is none” also works for software backups.


HCR puts together some recent pieces here in a way that makes it very clear that 1/6 really was an attempted coup, and not just an insurrection, and certainly not just a riot.






That’s the holy gospel of backing up data.