Audio shows Elon Musk doesn’t understand how online advertising is sold, used, or funds Twitter

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Can we start referring to Elon as an “influencer?” The more I learn about his “work” it seems to be the only title that fits…


“Musk’s fanbois claim he plays with himself.”

Broken clock time.

It seems like that’s all he ever does.


The schadenfreude is DELICIOUS. I’ve known the guy was a hack fraud since I heard his commencement speech at Caltech a decade ago. Can’t believe he was invited to do that; spent 20 minutes talking about how wonderful he is with no point in sight.


“This is obvious”, as the Cybermen say.


If high tech guru Musk doesn’t understand social media he should swerve back into his own lane.


… late ’90s dotcom scams?


I continue to be flabbergasted by Elno’s total ignorance about social media, even at this point. I mean, he’s acting like “most people who read a post don’t engage with it” is somehow revelatory, but even as someone who doesn’t use Twitter, that seemed completely fucking obvious to me a long time ago.

Someone pointed out that it shows how Elno (and his right-wing cronies) view Twitter - a platform for making other people listen to them. It occurs to me that is their whole idea of what “free speech” is - the “right” to force other people to pay attention to what they’re saying, not the right to say it. It’s all part of how grossly Elno fundamentally fails to understand how regular people engage with social media - valuing the actual interactions, not the superficial glances of drive-by readers. His notion of what Twitter is for is so narcissistic at its core, he’s never going to stop screwing it up, much less actually “fix” it. We can see it how he’s breaking it currently - creating ways for people to pay money to push themselves on others who aren’t interested in engaging with them.

Making cars that swerve out of their lane?


Is there a transcript somewhere? My hearing is impaired.

Or could someone please explain the gist of it?


Musk doesn’t understand the high-level differences between brand and performance advertising. He is unaware that advertisers can select which they want in his system and unaware of how they are measured (displays vs. clicks) and priced. He gets mad at the guy who explains this to him.




The guy wasn’t even being condescending or mean.

As usual, Musk can’t stand being explained to or corrected, and massively overreacts.


I fancy myself a pretty smart guy and it took me ages to understand that there are reasons for things, sometimes good reasons, sometimes bad reasons, but if I didn’t understand something first I couldn’t fix it or improve it–and quite often my ideas would be undermined by truth and reality as I found out more about something.
Socrates was right: having wisdom in one thing tempts you to believe that you are wise in all, and you’re not.


That’s the curse of the “entrepeneurs”

What many people fail to understand is that business sucess requires many things, and among them is sheer luck. The temptation of many company founders is to think that since they were succesful is all due to their brilliance, that they understand and know everything and they should micromanage every decission

Inevitably this environment always leads to a toxic work culture


Musk obviously doesn’t understand anything about anything.


As an IT person this series of tweets boggles me. I guess Kudos to the original team for getting their HA infrastructure working well. It can stand against a fucking idiot.


I get the strangest suspicion that if the system were simple enough for Elon to understand it unplugging one of the racks would have gone badly.


This. The fact he describes it as “Fractal of Rube Goldberg” really tells me how much he doesn’t fucking understand IT infrastructure. He makes wild assumptions about the messiness of something with no real proof. I was afraid it was messy and while I suspect some of it is messy with older database tech still in use and other stuff layers in the underlying virtual servers probably handle outages well.

I’ve dealt with people that make assumptions about issue in infrastructure and once they made those assumptions everything going forward was always colored with those bad ideas. One executive always though the databases were a problem even when you would tell them what the actual issue was. I expect it is like that only 1000 times worse given the levels of privilege and yes men he likely surrounds himself with. It’s amazing to watch him interact with programmers and techs who call him on his bullshit and watch him break and throw a tantrum. (Until I realize he still is never going to change and it’s only going to get worse)

Oh god it’s going to get worse when you consider who owns him now:


“I, Elon Musk, am a genius. If I don’t understand how Twitter works then nobody does, and I might as well unplug this server rack and see what happens because that’s the only way anybody can find out.”