Australia man mates a hamburger and a hotdog, creates HamDog fast food monstrosity


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Australia, Florida of the WORLD?

He may have mated them, but it’s still incest.


Straya. Fuck yeah.

(Yep. Vegemite and Cheese pizza.)


I’ll bet they smother that thing in ketchup!!! :wink:

Also I’m interested to know what other powers “Australia Man” possesses?

X-Ray beer goggles? Super casual racism? The ability to talk slowly and clearly?


It’s like the sandwich itself is trying to warn you not to eat it.


I just realized—this is an Australian burger-thing and they didn’t include “beetroot” (what we Yanks just call beets) among the toppings? Have you lost your way entirely, Australia??


Like everything else on that continent, it will kill you.

Also, you should check your boots before you put them on in the morning, they hide there.


Without a doubt, the most sexual sandwich ever - uhm, not that there’s anything wrong with that…




I think this is kind of an homage to America. It’s like how we imagine America or something, at least that’s how I’m parsing it…


To sound pedantic; to have a distinctive ‘root’ is not that strange because the leaves of beet are also eatable. But you probably knew already. :wink:

More important… does this thing come with or without ketchup?


America wins this round


Straya, fuck’n ay.


Seems to me like a perfectly ordinary burger and a perfectly ordinary dog on a cute novelty bun.

Paula Deen says y’all are amateurs.


or an egg. it doesn’t have an egg.



Miscegenation, I believe.

And from the looks of it, I want one of their passports!




miscegeNATION getit? oh nevermind


Couldn’t you just slap some of this on top?

Mighty tasty, lemmetellya.


Yes. Yes we have.