Australia man mates a hamburger and a hotdog, creates HamDog fast food monstrosity


Or other necessary things.

A proper hamburger requires, in order:

Sufficiently firm bun
BBQ sauce
Non-fancy lettuce
Sliced (not diced) tomato
Slice of pineapple
Fried Egg
Slice of cheese
Lump of anonymous ground beef (preferably cooked on a grill that hasn’t been cleaned in decades)
Onions (burnt black)
Sufficiently firm bun


With ya all the way. Except for pineapple. No. And burnt black onions. No. Nicely browned is just fine. Add bacon and tomato sauce and… heavenly.:hamburger:


your loss


Aaaah! I forgot the bacon!

Repent, repent…


Hold the fried egg, my doctor says I have to cut down on my cholesterol.


Yes, do. You, you… bacon-forgetting monster, you!

There’s no bacon emoji. What fresh hell is this?


But where in the stack should the bacon go?

I’d vote for between the burnt onions and unnamed meat.


Better get a diet Coke with that too


Depends. On top of the patty but then the cheese doesn’t melt properly. Or next to the egg for a traditional blending of flavours. Or… wherever you feel like sticking it in the pile?


These are the powers Ozzy Man has:

“Ozzy Man Reviews”. Sonically NSFW.


So then I’m not the only one who thinks it looks kind of like the White House.


this is an outage!! Forget Drumpf, forget Hillary…WHERE IS THE BACON EMJO???


Never name the meat. You don’t want to get emotionally attached.


I know, right?


As long as they don’t start making Brundleburgers or Brundledogs, I’m cool with it.


Why is BoingBoing so behind in hot dog related news?

The community here knows what’s up.



“Australia man”?

Can you just stick nominative nouns together like that?

“Australia’s man” because genitive nouns can modify nominatives, or

“Australish man,” because adjectives, or

“Austral,” because substantives.

Where region names end in -ja, the masculine substantive people-names omit the -ja, and the feminine substantive people-names add English -en [or old Germanic -injo] as a marker. (Which brings up issues of sexism in word-derivation, of course.)


Works for Florida Man… Oh how he keeps the internet entertained with his antics.


If I were writing a style guide, I’d cover proper adjectival and substantival forms, and derivational suffices. Also, octopodes.