Australian mayor caught on camera drinking in public just hours after he warned public to stay at home

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Tony Herbert on the barbie!


“inadvertently”? How does that work?

Is there a politician in this world who takes responsibility for what they’ve done without employing weasel words?


I was driving home to do some bible study with my wife and accidentally ended up at my mistress’s apartment with a bottle of wine. It’s an honest mistake, could happen to anybody.


prim minister


Translated as “The rules don’t apply to me because I think I’m better than everyone else because I hold a position of power over others.”

Never heard that one before…


Last Saturday while doing the market shopping I had a coffee with a couple of friends. We stood in a loose triangle with 1.5 meters between us and avoided any physical contact, and I thought we were being good enough. Then it struck me that we were a group of three and thus illegal. It’s easy enough to drift into violations when they feel so normal.


Now only if the US had a justice system that would follow suit:

Ms. Trump has instructed her small West Wing staff to work remotely if possible and not to enter the White House grounds unless necessary. She has also posted pictures of herself building a tent with a bedsheet in her living room as a creative idea for parents stuck at home with stir-crazy children.

“We’re all in this together,” she said in a video message she posted on social media.

“We’ll emerge from this stronger than ever before, and maybe more deeply and profoundly connected with our own humanity and our core values,” she said, adding, “Let’s do everything we can to stop the spread.”*


Ironically this is kinda germane. Warrnambool is a large agricultural coastal town in Victoria and this mayor would actually have a friendly connection with his constituents. The article explains that he stopped to chat to a business owner for an emotional chat - perhaps something like losing a life’s work. Not sure if under the same circumstances I wouldn’t do exactly the same thing.

I know this is conjecture but cast the first stone and all that.

As far as Ivanka Trump and family goes I think one big group hug.


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