Baby Jesus bong


I think the placement of the bowl/stem is probably the most sacrilegious aspect of this bong.

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But that doesn’t look like Jesus.

Baby Jesus clearly foresaw this particular pain inflicted on his rod and staff and instinctively sought to protect himself.

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Let’s hope this goes over better than the Muhammad vape pen.


I think that’s the coolest part of it!

What’s wrong with it?

I see no foreskin.

Using a lighter is a helluva way to do a bris.


I am shocked to not see a You are making baby Jesus high! comment yet.

Angels we have heard on high,
Sweetly singing o’er the plain…

pshht, everyone knows Jesus was black.


Well, looks like it’s true: He was hung like that…
(Stretches arms wide into man-on-crucifix position)


I guess we should all just be glad it’s not a Mohammed bong.

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Good god look at where you put the weed! Baby Jesus is my new hero. I want to suck his head.

Did anyone think that the inhale/light-up spots should be switched around?

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Disturbing, and mildly disgusting, but for different reasons. To each their own.

Where’s your Aqua Buddha now?


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