Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round Four


It seems like only four, possibly five people have even mentioned they want guns. As it’s been several days since we first floated the idea and nobody else has spoken up, let’s just distribute them to those five at, say, 5LP each and then give the cash out to the others on mission 2.

SECOND TO LAST CALL FOR GUNS. Speak up or get cash rewards!

Hmm, I think some people are probably sleeping at the moment.

Anyway, I can’t read, but I’ll still help you with the math. Channing knows how to count! A girl can’t survive in the wastes otherwise. Wily characters will jack you on the take.

If you want to do it this way, there were 13 people on mission 2. 5 people can get guns. LP will be distributed to 8 people. We should choose a number divisible by 8. The smallest number happens to be 8LP. So, anyone who doesn’t get a gun is rewarded with 5LP.

Jane (@penguinchris) , could you let lady luck decide who gets the guns? Anyone who gets a gun, will have 8LP taken away and redistributed to the group (sans gun winners). If someone still wants a gun they should just have a chat with whomever won it.

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That was a viable argument a day and a half ago when Bubba first brought up the idea. 36 hours later we’re no closer to an endgame and only five people have even mentioned being interested in the guns.

The train has to leave the station sometime.

OOC: We’ve been discussing this in the meta thread, so hopefully this shouldn’t happen again in another round. I just wanted to point out that we don’t have fractions of LP. 25/8=3.125

I’ve been reading that as well, but this project seems to be spinning its tires in the sand and we need to get things moving by the end of day tomorrow if previous mission deadlines are similar…

[quote=“penguinchris, post:3, topic:21615”] We found:
15 .50 Cal Machine Guns @ 2 FP each (I think these were from old Jeeps)
8 Depleted Uranium Armor-Piercing RPGs @15 FP each (single-use)
2 Decommissioned M-29 “Davy Crockett” Tactical Nuclear Recoilless Guns, but although I did find some rounds for them, I didn’t find the nuclear warheads. I guess I’ll hold on to these in case we find some warheads later. [/quote]

Ok folks. I think we may have more leeway than we thought. Back when you folks were running around all scared of some squid (round2) some of us were securing some serious firepower.

Five of us divvied up 10 of the .50 cals and 6 of the RPGs, which leaves another five .50 cals at 5FP each and two armor-piercing RPGs (determined to be +25FP when someone accidentally fired one).

We were left with the instructions to find new owners for them. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Someone is welcome to use my auction block for other items, I have to say I’m unclear on what else is available and from where so please come on over and let’s figure this out.


Honey here :wink:

I think I heard my name dropped but I was just lighting up a ciggie and must’ve been distracted. I seem to remember a Cypher run being mentioned? Did I get that right? Hey Jane ( @penguinchris ) is Jane’s Heroes/Super Secret Spy Club on mission 3?


Because I already run the Super Secret Spy Club I’ll be helping coordinate mission 3 but it isn’t really a Heroes mission (cc: @daneel).

However, if all those who choose it wish for the usual equal automatic distribution of salvage and so on, I’d be happy to make that happen.

@Solomon, thank you for taking care of figuring out the weapon distribution. I was going to help with this to clear up the confusion but your information all seems to be correct.

Regarding the single-use depleted-uranium armor-piercing RPGs, you should ask Cougar @Donald_Petersen if she thinks you’ll need these in The Citadel (for intimidation if nothing else).

Some Drivers also do have special weapons, like squid ink launchers, explodable oxygen canisters, and similar from previous missions that I don’t think anybody has used.

From what I’ve gathered, we need to put on a real entertaining show in The Citadel if we want to survive. Fleetwood’s thumb apparently has a lot of power.


Entertaining’s what you’re good at, Junior. You’re a pistol, you’re really funny. You’re really funny.


Whattya mean I’m funny? Funny how?


Momo: “I’m a little confused. It may have been all the heart pills I took today. How do I repair my vehicle? Do I need to buy a repair kit again? Will that nice Mr. Clank take care of me again?”


It’s just, you know. You’re just funny, it’s… funny, the way you tell the story and everything.


Hi Momo,

Oh, that forlorn voice breaks my heart a little. I never wanted to confuse you, of all people, you dear sweet thing. No need for a repair kit anymore. Just ask the nice folks in this thread to help you, and they will, to the extent they’re capable.


Confusion! Ah yes, bloody confusion and difficulty thinking straight!

~ smokes pipe~

Ah, that’s better! Now where the bloody hell was I?

Okay everyone, our extended pause for a Coke and a smile has now ended.

Time to nail down all our choices, for the Missions will be locked and running in 34 hours or so.

Well now I decided to go to the Citadel on Mission1 but for some reason when I told this to Cougar I found myself with Stretch’s head in my hands and, well, I decided to shove a screwdriver up his right nostril.

Now I’m not one with hacksmarts but the data that came out just naturally made sense to me. It was as if I had a flashback and the numbers hit me (34.1518792 -118.3393148) - all of a sudden I was a child again. Dad was driving. We were on our way to the Warner Brothers studios. I had just asked “If it’s Olive Way then why is it lined in palm trees instead of olive trees?” As we crossed S Hollywood way we got t-boned. I didn’t black out, but I wish I had.

I would recommend Cougar clear this up - maybe add a “N/A - other mission” option to the follow-up questions. Or maybe she sees some hidden potential in me. Like, if I could just open my sliding door and look inside myself I’d see a budding mechanic trying to grow.

I’m going to get back to the Auction block and I recommend you all do, too. The firepower is open to all and we’ll need it, there are still a couple weapons left without bids.


I got a copy on that “strange transmission” that you picked up, Ms. Nguyen.

Looks like a bunch of zeroes and ones, but Uncle Egg Chen taught me how to use an abacus to translate that into other things.

What comes out looks like longitude and latitude coordinates for some place out in Burbank. Now, how I know that is kinda funny, I used to date one of them Jolie daughters, and you know how they all have the longitude and latitude of all sorts of things tattooed on them. I think she had this particular one to commemorate an internship at some media company that her family name got her. Ah, nepotism.

Anyway, I can point it on the map for anyone who’s interested, but I’m surprised to not be hearing anyone else talk about this yet. What’s the frequency for the Super Secret Spy Club?

Yep, that’s what I figgur’d.