Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round Four - Weapon Auction

Continuing the discussion from Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round Four:

OK folks here’s the deal. I’m sick of hauling around these five extra .50 cal guns and two RPGs. They will all go to the highest bidder for LPs straight up. The auction is open to all but will limit each buyer to one .50cal unless there are extra.

The proceeds will be divided evenly among the 5 vehicles that secured these weapons on Round2 Mission2 (Fink, Jacky, Snelvuur, Honey, and myself), with any remainder LPs going to the UAW for future repairs. Jane already took his share in the form of an extra RPG set - apparently there were some water towers that he thought would be improved with high explosives.

Auction closes at the Mission4 choices deadline, whenever that turns out to be.

We’ll need a mechanic to help equip the winners so will Clankenstein or Sponge or Bill agree to do the body work needed to get us on the road fully armed? @davide405 @blckjckdavey @webiii1976


I’m in for one gun at 8LP.

Desmond Baltar has bid to 8LP for one Acid Mud ™ .50cal +5FP
Knife has bid 8LP for one Acid Mud ™ .50cal +5FP
Wizard has bid 5LP for one Acid Mud ™ .50 cal +5FP
Mike has bid 4LP for one Acid Mud ™ .50cal +5FP
Bubba’s has bid 3LP for one Acid Mud ™ .50cal +5FP

Sponge has bid 10LP for one Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal +5P
De’Ath has bid 5LP for one Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal +5FP
Word bid 3LP for one Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal +5FP
The Major was outbid at 2LP for one Acid Mud ™ .50cal but instead will get one Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal +5FP

De’Ath has bid 3LP for a second Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal +5FP
The Major was outbid at 3LP for a second Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal +5FP (De’Ath bid first)

Channing has bid 4LP for one RPG +25FP (one-use only)
Word has bid 4LP for one RPG +25FP (one-use only)
Desmond Baltar was outbid at 2LP for one RPG

If anyone finds other standing offers in previous game threads please let us know. I’ll update this post as bids come in.


This gives us another five Acid Mud ™ .50cal weapons, assumed to also be +5FP each. Those proceeds will be split among the drivers on that mission:
Desmond Baltar, Maj. Joseph Talleyrand-LaRoche, Jack “Knife” Boyer, Bubba Zanetti, Sven Larsson, aka “The Swedish Chief”, Mike “Nervous” Snelvuur, Momo, ‘Honey’ Mallone, Channing Hunter, Wizard, Jack Burton Jr. aka “Junior”, Long Haul Raul, and Bertie Gomez.

I will assume that the drivers on this mission have bid on the weapons they secured, and will amend my previous post to reflect that.

I assumed that we could not put more than two .50cal on any one vehicle, but @penguinchris dispelled this notion. Again we will simply limit this auction to one gun per vehicle unless there are extras left over.

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I’d like an Acid Mud gun, if possible. If 5LP, I’ll take it and/or bid on it.

The Universal Auto Whisperers will install any and all weapons, mod’s, or replacement parts and repair kits free of charge. Yes, we do accept charitable donations, but these are not mandatory.


There’s no limit on the number of guns of this type you can mount (so long as you can find a space for them on your body). I may have been unclear about that at some point, perhaps intending to say that to be nice and fair one should only take a couple until everyone’s had their turn.

I bid twelfty for all of the precious things.


8LP on Acid Mud Gun.

Wiz, calm down yo. Guns/bids is still 1:1.

Put me in for 8LP for an Acid Mud Gun .50cal

It is, but it’s not winner take all. Right now we have the same number of bidders as we do guns, so the 2lp bids are going to get pushed out first.

You’re upping a bid nobody’s pressuring you on.

Ah. That’s. That’s an important tidbit I didn’t catch. I’ll retract my higher bid.

Yeah, you were basically bidding against yourself and that made me sad.

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Looks like we have Jane’s blessing on this. Let me know if there are other items we can get equipped before round4 starts. Instructions are currently to limit drivers to one additional .50cal each, which seems fair enough, with no limit on how much your ride can handle so those of you with a pair of .50cal each are welcome to strap on a third.

Bids are updated - early bid takes preference over later bids of the same LP amount.

The Acid Mud ™ guns have a natural camouflage from the superficial corrosion, but they cleaned up real nice and I know everyone wants to get their hands on them. But those that have low bids will have to settle for the Dusty Jeep ™ ones.

Myself, I’ll put up 3LP for a Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal because it will match the pair I already have.


Right - where do things stand?

Put me down for an RPG at 2LP.

Major, Solomon has updated his original post with the latest.

@Solomon Rideword, sorry for the indecisiveness, but I retract my 8LP bid for an Acid Mud Gun, and bid 4LP on an RPG. One of those single use items sounds perfect for a party.

I love that picture.

I can almost place it – where is it from?

The League of Gentlemen.

Is this here auction open to all, or just those involved in the missions where the stuff was found?

If all, I’ll bid 5LP for a .50 cal.