Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round Four - Weapon Auction

@daneel This auction is open to all.

@gwwar Duly noted. I think I’ll bid on one myself. Cougar said walls may need to come down at the Citadel and explosives work a mite faster than a tow hook.

I’ll bid 4LP for an RPG.


I’ll take my 2LP and see if there’s a Dusty Jeep .50 cal left over at the end to pick up on the cheap.

Are the .50cals really +5FP?

Are the “Dusty Jeep” ones the same as the “Acid Mud” ones?

If there is another Dusty Jeep lacking a bidder, I’ll bid 3LP.

I’ll bid 3LP on the last one if it’s still going spare.

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They were tested and determined to be more powerful than initially thought, they’re +5 FP.

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May the Great Mechanic shower blessings on you, Jane.



Here you go, Jane:


I’m bidding 10 LP for one of those .50 cal guns.

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So has it been decided who is getting which weapons?

I was hoping for a bit of an update as to what the current prices were but I am assuming we have reached the end of the auction by now…

It should have finished at noon yesterday. So I think the summary in reply #1 is correct.

Ah, I didn’t realize a post at the top of the thread was being updated. Thanks for the heads up.

This auction is over. Hopefully everyone got their weapons strapped on in time for the big show.

@Donald_Petersen As near as I can tell we have the following improvements:

Sponge +5LP (-10LP) one Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal
Desmond Baltar +5FP (-8LP) one Acid Mud ™ .50cal
Knife +5FP (-8LP) one Acid Mud ™ .50cal
De’Ath +10FP (-8LP) for two Dusty Jeep ™ .50cals
Wizard +5FP (-5LP) one Acid Mud ™ .50cal
Mike +5FP (-4LP) for one Acid Mud ™ .50cal
Bubba’s +5FP (-3LP) for one Acid Mud ™ .50cal
Rideword +5FP (-7LP) for one Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal and one-use RPG +25FP
The Major +5FP (-2LP) for one Dusty Jeep ™ .50cal
Channing (-4LP) for one RPG +25FP (one-use only)

LP proceeds distributed as follows:
Dusty Jeep ™ weapons and RPGs from Round2 pulled in 31LP, split 5 ways is 6LP each with 1LP remainder for the UAW
Fink +6LP
Jacky Blacque +6LP
Mike “Nervous” Snelvuur +6LP
‘Honey’ Mallone +6LP
Rideword +6LP

Acid Mud ™ weapons from Round3 pulled in 28LP, split 13 ways is 2LP each with 2LP remainder for the UAW.
Desmond Baltar +2LP
Maj. Joseph Talleyrand-LaRoche +2LP
Jack “Knife” Boyer +2LP
Bubba Zanetti +2LP
Sven Larsson, aka “The Swedish Chief” +2LP
Mike “Nervous” Snelvuur +2LP
Momo +2LP
‘Honey’ Mallone +2LP
Channing Hunter +2LP
Wizard +2LP
Jack Burton Jr. aka “Junior” +2LP
Long Haul Raul +2LP
Bertie Gomez +2LP


Yes indeedy, and thanks for the clear and concise accounting! That’ll be very helpful.

Thank you!

~ huge gesture of appreciation for the management of the auction! ~


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