Badass Space Dragon - Duck's Pond

Say, Krill, didn’t you claim to be in some sort of “War Zone” when you were actually hanging out in a aquarium?


And that “meteor shower” he was supposedly caught turned out to be… er, of the “golden” variety.




Sorry Dave (@bizmail_public), I like the idea, but as my dear ol’ Uncle P liked to say:
“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.”

I’m working these gigs to get out of hock, I’m not going to willingly help someone else get into it.


I could sell bootleg spaaaaaaaace whiiiiiiiiskey without permission from the spaaaaaaaace maaaaaaaaafia, too, but I’m not rushing into it. I get the feeling that forming a trader’s bank would only serve to cut us off from what is currently the only source of equipment and repairs available to us.

But hey, we all accept some risk out here, right?


Falkayn [Query - Familiar Handle??? Self-Similar Falkayn recorded in L-ESK seed-logs???]

Note. Conjectures viable - deeper analysis needed.

Unizone represents functional monopoly on credit and physical goods. External lines of credit less useful if unizone retains eminent control over fuel/stocks/resupplies. Provision of these materials is not in an open market - value can be effectively fluid - witness ‘Daily specials.’ Unizone is eminently positioned to fix these prices at its discretion. Debt can continue be incurred by cost of missions and supplies exceeding return.

Unizone’s position is also a monopsony - it is solitary market for labor/employment/contracts. Deeply inefficient.

Observation; current structure of unizone contracts are not zero-sum. No limit to contracts, no objective losers [unless hull-breach is accorded ‘loss’] - with no incentive for participation, organised non-participation becomes viable as tool for corralling unizone behaviour.

Observation - economic organisation naturally leads to political organisation.

Query - how ‘black box’ is unizone equipment?

Query - how much fun do trader’s want to have?


S’rah Kline

Junior Creative Partner (Specialisation || Abstruse Accounting, Political Matterware)

“And it’s away. Cathe - the comms network out here is turgid. Pre-pre-goldenage. They’re using shared key encyption, for Housesakes. I don’t think they even have the bare bones of a setup for Q-cryptography. Still, there’s something…”


“I was going to say ‘archaic’ but yeah - that sort of expresses it. A sense of what life would have been like in the housedawn, when they were rolling out after the Diaspora, and the vanishing tail of the Majidae. Unpredictable. Exciting.”


“You know what Senior 'Netch says; ‘Battle scars are -’”

“Battle stories - sure. But I don’t see why my stories need to be read out from a transcript of my rebirth-ledger. Besides. I like my skin - it took my three whole cycles to design properly.”

“… You lifted that design, Cathe, you pilferer.”

“… great artists, S’rah.”


“Hey, why do you always affect that, semi-aut robotic tone when you’re pondering coin and cashlines?”

“I don’t really know. Seems appropriate. Sound legitimate. Masks inconsistencies in my conclusions.”

"… great artists… "


You’re not “getting someone else into it.”

You’re building a relationship. That why “community banking” is also called “relationship banking.”

As every four year old on my homeworld knows:

The more you share, the more you have




I await the deeper analysis. One additional culturally deployed parameter is intended to constrain Captain behavior: Grit. An operator that opts out of the Unizone economic constructs and peer-mediated Grit seeking is a free operator indeed.


Grit is an issue, but not insurmountable. Notwithstanding its opaque nature - my understanding is that grit is a measure of esteem (social and cultural capital) outside of the straightforward conception of accrued capital. Our vessel has accrued grit for non combat and non mercurial roles - art, here, the odd and the complex, is as much a force as commerce. Others have, and will continue to do the same.

Shit. I mean:

Conjecture. Other pathways to GRIT exist. Nature of resource is complex and can be balanced by collaboration and communication.

  • S’rah

Bzzzt.. ERror. Peer to peer transactions offline at this time. Tech drones are working to make these services available soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. Zzzt Bzzzort.


Building relationships:

Lending money:

Unless I do it for free, this loaning thing, but we don’t call that a loan and I’m pretty sure you’d tell me that I’m missing out on an opportunity or something. “Make money” I think you mention periodically. And we wouldn’t call it a loan then. Yep, Unizone is really not cost-effective for those in debt. The solution therefore is to stay out of debt and help others do the same by not acting as one half of the problem.

They want to go into debt, feel free, sorry about the cost of it. But like I said, I’m not helping them get into it.


Aye. Reminds me of an olde star chanty

There once was a young lad on shore leave,
Who craved an amorous reprieve.
He found a young lass,
And they walked the dirt path.
Oh, the grit they did receive!


System Note Re: Peer-to-Peer Lending
cc: @bizmail_public

I’m happy to accommodate peer-to-peer giving and we can get it off the ground starting tomorrow.

We’re working on a bot that probably won’t be ready for the next round or two. In the meantime, if you would like to give any other player starBits, please include it with your mission selection in the following format:

give @bizmail_public b10


Hrm… I’m not sure that everyone giving Falkayn ten 'bits is the best way to go about it, but okay!



You are a gem

Thank you for all you do. Unizone doesn’t pay you nearly enough.



Give @daneel b5000


Round 3 Missions are up.

Ella’s back – and we finally have a Unizone alternative.

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A somewhat ego-centric human seems to be responding to your initial creative thrust.

I eagerly await further artistic developments.