Baltimore cops so corrupt two of them actually got convicted of something


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“Stay strong, Danny.”

Um yeah, and have fun with that 23 hours a day lock down in segregation block d-bag.


Sounds like it wasn’t by Grand Jury, so that might’ve helped?

(cop trials by Grand Jury have an astounding acquittal rate. Can’t be arsed to come up with a source immediately though)


Grand Juries don’t convict anyone of anything. That isn’t their role. They say things like “yes, those sound like valid charges, take it to trial!”, or “no, that is totally bogus, forget about it, no trial”.

They have a way lower standard then “beyond a reasonable doubt”, I’m sure it has a legal term, but I call it “oh, that sounds fishy”.

So generally cops arrest someone, a DA says “yeah, I think I could prove that, take it to court”, and a grand jury can derail that by saying “forget it”, but normally they rubber stamp things. In theory they are important, but in practice it is easy for people on a grand jury to think “well they could be guilty, and if so it would be terrible to let them go, and if they are innocent the trial will prove it…”.

At any rate, yeah, if they were convicted it wasn’t by a Grand Jury…but a Grand Jury would have had to say “yeah, there is smoke here! Go check for a fire!” long before a regular jury can say “Guilty!”


And for a Grand Jury to say that about a case against a cop is vanishingly rare. So kudos to whatever Grand Jury it was that returned a True Bill against these two shitheads.


Baltimore cops are now personally responsible for the payment of legal settlements, too. Taxpayers are no longer on the hook for these walking moral vacuums.


I approve as a Baltimore City tax-payer! :slight_smile:


Every day my decision to start believing everyone who accuses the cops of anything or powerful men of sexual harassment is vindicated more than the day before.


He could have saved a lot of ‘stay strong’ had he stayed honest.


As a resident of Baltimore. . . .dryly smacks lips. . . yeeeeeaaaaaaah. These guys are just the convicted tip of a very large, very shitty iceberg.


his father called out, “Stay strong, Danny.”

Maybe he should have said “don’t steal Danny”, only said it about twenty years ago when he was a kid…


Don’t you mean they don’t convict anyone?


Two in jail, two hundred thousand or so to go.


Er, yeah (corrected original).


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