Bank robber disguised as Darth Vader

The gentleman in question has a somewhat rounded physique, making it appear as though (in still photos) that the disguise was more costume-y than hood-y. The Spider-man hoodie my son has is of much higher quality. Yowza.

I’ve never read any of the Star Wars novels – so maybe this is well-trod ground – but I always liked Episode IV for what it hinted at about Darth Vader. That, while powerful, he was sort of an odd-ball in the Empire. He was clearly resented by the career guys (“your sorcerer’s ways”), he still had some place in the hierarchy below “chief bad guy” (“the Imperial Senate will not sit still for this”), and was working himself to the top through being more ruthless than everyone else (“only you could be so bold”). Sure, he had the patronage of the Emperor (something true but not really part of Episode IV), but he had limits to his agency (“Vader, enough of this. Release him.”)

A much more interesting guy than the Darth Vader we saw in Episodes V or VI.

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