Barron Trump 'declines' to be Republican delegate

My hope is that Barron would go the Ron Reagan or Ben Mulroney route and go into entertainment media broadcasting.


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How influential are Ron Reagan or Mulroney on modern politics, actually? Why is someone like Barron a figure who matters in our political landscape at all… I just don’t understand this need to make this kid into a “good guy”? He’s a kid. Maybe, instead of projecting our political values onto him we can… not give a shit about him?



Which underscores my hopes.

Melania is a horrible person in her own right, so even if he “just” takes after her, there’s not much hope.

But I’m with @Mindysan33 . We shouldn’t spend any time thinking about the children of fascists. If anything, this sort of thinking only strengthens their strive for a dynastic dictatorship.


I have the right to decide what I think about. That said, I thank you for sharing your own thoughts.


No idea about any of his political leanings or friends. But, I’ve been told that he’s kind of jerk in general. Even jerks have friends though. This was not from someone who knows him, but from someone who knows people who know him. So, third hand?

Of course, half of teenagers think half of teenagers are jerks. Might just be that. :man_shrugging:

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that poor kid should be left in peace.


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