Barron Trump 'declines' to be Republican delegate

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Barron always looks sad. I have never seen a picture of him looking at all happy. Of course, if he has any humanity about him, that is perfectly understandable. Being raised in that level of dysfunction and constant gaslighting and stress would have to be horribly traumatizing. I have no warm fuzzies for Melania, but she has at least seemed to try to keep him out of the muck for the most part.


What shows that Melania ‘shot it down’?

It does not follow from the fact that it was her spokeperson who said Barron had declined; she has a PR org and he does not. Unless they are already independently notorious, it’s not uncommon for the spawn of the wealthy to make use of their parents’ well-established PR teams, rather than retaining one themselves.

And the Flawrida R party is kinda presumptuous too, putting him on the spot like that without apparently even asking. I know they would love them a dynasty, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.


I am probably just a stupid optimist but part of me believes it’s possible that Barron might have Black friends, Latino friends, maybe a friend who might be gay or trans, that he might care about things like reproductive rights or the environment, or kids not being shot up en masse in their schools for the sake of “gun rights”. That he might find his dad and all the sycophants around him like Kimberly and Rudy etc to be revolting. That he was witness to eighteen years of verbal abuse and other horrifying behavior, by his dad but also his two half brothers. A small shred of hope exists in me that any one of these possibilities is true and that he will some day be his own man and do what he feels is right and denounce Trump to the world for the garbage he is. Probably just a dumb hopeful thing, but I feel the possibility is non-zero. I guess I just hope he had some good friends in school.


Is this part of the post AI-generated?

Putting these two “Barrons” together merely because of that name seems pretty much nonsensical.


If he isn’t making himself a public figure in his own right, I’m inclined to let him be a private citizen and avoid criticism. Besides, he might be a legal adult now, but he’s still a kid who grew up under a microscope and that has to be hard. I want to have hope for him, that he’s okay and turns out to be a decent person.


I imagine all those posts listed at the bottom are generated by some sort of algorithm. Maybe not “AI”.


Blame Donald Trump for that. He was the one who made up the name “John Barron” for his imaginary spokesman, swiping “Barron” from the business magazine Barron’s. He was the one who was so narcisstic and unimaginative as to recycle “Barron” for his not-imaginary son.


I am going off topic here, but this is one more reason why the US would want a welfare state. I think you Americans spend a lot of mental effort on how a better safety net would benefit the poor of America. But keep in mind that a young adult like Barron from a wealthy background would also need a safety net should he turn his back on his family. A lot of good could come of that.


No, it’s the headline to the 8-year-old post it links to!

Pesco’s rhetorical/humorous device there is epanadiplosis.

I have been doing experiments with AI “previouslies” but it keeps hallucinating better posts than the ones we wrote.


What if Baron is actually a Democrat?


They are more or less hand-done by googling “ subject”, though we now have a little script that hits the Google Search api and generates the HTML.


He’d hardly be the first Trump to register as a Democrat. Donald Sr. was a registered Democrat as recently as 2012. Ivanka was a registered Democrat until 2018.

Obviously this doesn’t mean the Trump clan are actually progressive in any way. It just means they believe in nothing.


The ability of people to be better people than their parents gives me hope for humanity. It’s unclear what he’ll be in life, I’d personally give him a mulligan for a couple years. Don jr. seemed at one point in his life to recognize his dad was an asshat and lived under his own steam for a year before knuckling down and becoming an asshat himself. Most of us have never had the option to turn down a potentially billion dollar inheritance. That said, all the offspring of Trump are millionaires in their own rights now. They could have joined the moral humans at any point and still lived in upper percentage opulence their entire lives, but instead stuck with fascist dad.


I am going to be curious how this kid/guy turns out. Hopefully he looks around and doesn’t want to be like his dad and half brothers.

Ivanka seems to have bailed out of politics as well. Good. Go back to being a scum bag capitalist. It’s more honorable.


The only reason he could be considered for the post is that he is now legally an adult.

His father has announced to the world that he’s going to be a delegate.

His mother has announced to the world that he’s NOT going to be a delegate.

Barron has never spoken publicly about anything, least of all this.

What’s worse than a helicopter parent?


Mary Trump seems to be a good person so maybe there’s hope.


A thing about the wealthy that everyone else doesn’t seem to understand is just how much revolves around family wealth and the expectation that the each successive generation will maintain the dynasty. It is rare that a genuinely wealthy person decides on a career outside of business, law, banking, or social influence- You would think they can do anything, but familial pressure generally limits it to those options.

I often wonder not just how much better the world would be if GW Bush had just been allowed to fuck off, paint, and putter around the ranch instead of being pushed into a series of positions he had no aptitude for, but how much happier he himself would have been.

Or, like the Democratic party, they believe in progressive values, but only as long as it doesn’t interfere with their neofeudal economic values.




Two Hindenburg parents?