BASD2.0 Capt. Falkayn Memorial Analysis and Dissembling Thread

Continuing the discussion from Badass Space Dragon 2.0 - Round 7 - Money Talks:

To keep the main thread focused on banter and actual selection (and thus make it marginally easier for @Patrace to find our actual selections) perhaps we could move analysis over here?

But where is ‘here’?

Are we all communicating ship-ship? Or are we in a pub?


From an ‘achieving our group aims’ perspective (such as our aims are dictated to us), we seem to be just a tad biassed towards Mission 2. i.e. almost everyone is doing it, some people are going to get killed, and others will take a kicking and not get paid.

Mission 1, with the same payout only has one taker.

1 is risky, but if you can push your odds up towards the 30% chance of avoidance, a good ship will survive two lasers.

We don’t know what the relationship between stats and damage is for either mission, we can only go on worst case.

3 is more manageable and can still offer a good payout and without anything like as much risk, but nobody seems tempted (except @davide405, I see). Pragmatism!

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