Bay area wild life demands freedom, continues to resist human oppression


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Every time the power blinks a squirrel gets his wings.


"one of their farcical day care/standardized testing institutions known as an “Elementary School.”

Um, ok…


Beware of lone wolf squirrels.


Coming soon James Herbert’s “NUTS”…


Sounds like SF needs more catapult:



Thus, it begins.


Homegrown terrorism is nearly impossible to combat effectively.


Yeah, when I leave the house without peanuts, the squirrels greet me like this.

I am smart enough to appease them.

If I don’t, this business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.


What used to be danegeld is now squirrelnut.


maybe we could loot the hidden caches?


Ahem … I for one would like to welcome our new procyonid overlords.


San Francisco has a surprising amount of wildlife for a major city—in addition to the usual suspects like squirrels, skunks and raccoons we also have coyotes and even the occasional deer or mountain lion.

Just an hour ago I was walking near Ocean Beach with my kids when we stopped to watch at a red-tailed hawk (also plentiful) sitting on a lamppost. The guy living in the adjacent house stepped out the front door, said “watch this” and tossed up a hunk of raw meat which was immediately snatched from the air in the hawk’s talons.

(It’s important to keep the hawks happy since they are critical allies in the War Against Squirrels.)




you ain’t no squirrel bruv


Every now and then there is a peculiar trend in the news. Remember the Florida zombies? Nobody knew why Florida, and now nobody knows why San Francisco, except the Ascended Masters, and they’re not telling.


sounds like rabies, honestly.

good luck with that, y’all.