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The images in blog view are decidedly low-res. Like 1998 low-res. I know there’s higher res images available because I can click through to stories and see them. I think it must be the resize engine. I see on the current top article it’s taking a 1200x800 image that looks good resizing to 200x135 which looks terrible. Even when the resized image is viewed at actual size it just looks bad. When the browser goes and upsizes it to whatever is showing on my screen it’s not good.


Ads like crazy on front page. Thought they were gone after signing in.

Thanks, that’s on “the list” but the devs probably won’t get to that before next week at this point.

Pretend you’re on dialup for the weekend I guess. :wink:

Did you retire ‘/post’ as well? That’s not what it was…

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Apparently we did, because I have no idea what that was?

Is anyone else seeing comments out of order? Not sure if this is related or something new. I read a few about RBG last night, but this morning older comments are mixed in with newer ones when reading from the top:


I think this is because some topics were merged and the time stamps were reflective of that rather than being in correct time order

(ETA fixed some pre-caffeine typos)


Well, for me it was the workaround to undo the previous redesign…

Is that not what is?

/category/post was the “old” design. Masthead, then 1 image, shorter blurb, then link to comments and tags.

Blog view makes us read the whole post and can be a bit overwhelming when you’re just trying to scan what’s new.


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Quick update, I think things are pretty much settled now on the caching front, thanks to folks catching issues!

Still a few on the list we’re working on:

  • menu text clipping issues
  • weird image issues (fidelity) with /blog
  • youtube embeds
  • extra images on the top of video posts

Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks here!


Just to note that /blog view’s images today are fuzzier (lo-res) than I’ve noticed hitherto. Fine when clicking through to the post, but not in blog view.


Yep, it’s on the list to be fixed and we’ll get it in as soon as we have it!


not sure if it was the last mac os update or something with boingboing, but the first image of every post in blog view are blurry or low res. any image following the first is fine, if i click into the post, the image renders fine.
eta: happens across all browsers


PS Apologies for going off-topic, but where’s the ‘suggest a site’ link gone? Are the Editors no longer accepting suggestions?

(And I even went to the foot of the BB page to look there, where I note that Cory is still listed as an Editor. Really?)

Spammers won, sadly. It was a long, hard-fought battle spanning years, but in the end, we never got the signal-to-noise ratio anywhere near high enough, and everyone was burnt-out on it.

Individual authors have their contact information on if you’d like to send submissions.

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Sigh. Sad. But understood.

(And, cheekily, I note that whilst still listed on the main page, Cory is not listed on the /about page.) :wink:

Not sure if this is how it used to be, but its still up:

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