Bear in Minnesota zoo hammers glass barrier with rock and shatters it


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WATCH: Mother bear teaches her cub how to climb a cliff

I feel like “he was just being a bear!” is what the zoo employee in the movie says right before the jump-cuts of bears mauling and eating people and using tools and picking up firearms and building tanks and marching on Washington.

And then a black screen, silence, and the title slowly fades in…


…and the voice over guy says “This time, it’s ursinal.”


You beat me to it!


Brings to mind the timeless classic Grizzly Rage


Bears do shoot in the woods!



The MD resident quoted in this post, Robin Ficker, is a headline chasing lawyer, perennial losing candidate for any office available in Montgomery County, MD, self described "gadfly’ and all around A#$#&*!@ and pain in the neck. He was a world class troll before trolling even had a name. Unless there are pictures of this bear in action, I’d view anything Mr. Ficker says as highly suspect.



The revolution is here.


no this is a bare being a Bare


All he ever wanted was a Pepsi…


Just plain ol Grizzly is more fun.


wow the PR department at CBS the Zoo has been working overtime


After seeing the pilot for the new ZOO show this was the first thing I though as well. I actually enjoyed the show even though the premise was a pretty big stretch and the killed my favorite character halfway through.

(update and spoiler: he lived…phew! he was just dragged up a tree by lions and left for dead)


Hmmm he seem smarter than your average bear.


Tonally opposite, but that poster reminded me of the novel Bear.


I con only imagine the bear’s train of thought…

“One more of those tiny little pink things pound on the glass again… I swear to Bear J-heez-uz: just. one. more…”


Just a matter of time:


Text is available online, y’know:

That and They’re Made of Meat, which also seems apropos.

Whatcha Readin'?

"Rocks and other items in the exhibit that bears are strong enough to lift are supposed to be secured in place, Fisher said. In the wake of this incident, he said, “we’ll have to go back through the exhibit and anchor down anything they can lift.”

Zoos are so fucking sad and depressing…


I like this bear. Mind you, I don’t want to be anywhere near this bear, but I do like him.