Become the IT Guru That Every Company Needs with this ITIL Certification Training

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Well, if you want to be miserable, this is probably a great class. Here is an informed opinion on ITIL:


the IT Guru That Every Company Needs

Is there any description of what ITIL certification actually encompasses that contains actual IT technologies? Because I could not find one. It seems to be all ISO standards and management buzz.

If people want to learn that stuff, fine with me. If they are made to believe that makes them IT experts, that’s not fine with me, because that kind of IT manager tends to make my job as a software developer fucking miserable.

It’s not IT technology. ITIL is how IT management and support are organized. Most organizations, even working blind, end up at something resembling an ITIL model, so even without it if you work at a company of sufficient size that doesn’t outsource its IT you’re already somewhat familiar with at least part of it.
And, yes, I just put myself to sleep. You may remember me from the “Least interesting man in the world ads”. My superpower is ennui. In emergencies, I can also dry pussy.


Pretty much this.
I hate anything that resembles buzz words, but I have to kind of to support ITIL as a framework as a lot of IT orgs flounder around without proper processes in place. Once you get to a certain size, operating without good processes is death.
Especially if it’s in a highly regulated industry. And believe me, it happens. Then they get audited, then they fail the audit and everyone runs around with their hair on fire…


Worse, Service Operation wasn’t even aware they were supposed to be supporting hair on fire. Fine fuck up, Service Transition! And why the hell was it deployed before testing? Way to screw the Service Desk, you dumb shits! Incident Management’s overtime for this is coming out of your budget, God damn it! Problem Management’s going to have a fucking field day on the CAPA! RCA, motherfuckers! CSI won’t bury this one! Denise, get me the head of Release and Deployment Management STAT! No, I don’t give a flying fuck if he’s in a meeting!

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When I think “IT Guru,” I think “the guy who fixes computer problems,” not “the manager who puts a bunch of policies into place.”

But that’s just me.


Yeah. Be Disruptive! (In that ITIL will disrupt every ounce of work going on.)

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