Before Trump became a theocratic fascist, he was "very pro-choice"

Did you really have to post a picture of his penis?


He’s just okay with a theocracy in America. Also, the rule of goats. :woman_shrugging: It doesn’t matter if he believes it, he supports it.



At least insomuch as the theocrats support him. He’d turn on them in a nanosecond if they threw their support behind someone else.


Sure, but right now, he has the backing of the most vocal and extreme elements of the white evangelical movement. As long as it’s a mutually beneficial relationship, both sides will embrace it. And his one term presidency is about to pay dividends…


Fake news! That guy doesn’t even look anything like Chuck Todd!

I object to calling Trump a theocrat as that would suggest he has some passing familiarity with theology and he’s far too intellectually lazy for that.

He is an opportunistic monster that will say whatever will score him points with his audience. I wished, I really wished, we had seen the last of him, but like herpes he comes back again and again.

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Trying to appeal to everyone or keep his options open. Says he hates abortion and is pro-choice.

This was before he realised there were enough people (or nearly enough) who would respond to extreme rhetoric that he could write off the rest without appeasing them.

Theocratic fascists tend to be very anti-abortion until they (or their partners) are faced with an inconvenient pregnancy, which makes them suddenly see the importance of reproductive choice.

They also tend to forget the whole thing and revert back to how they started once the inconvenience is “resolved.”

I think Trump has been back and forth on the issue a lot. I can only speculate as to why…



Look at the decline in usage of the words foetus and fetus and the rise of “unborn” from the 80s. For people who hate critical theory they sure understand connotation and denotation.

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It really doesn’t matter if he has a good grasp of theology. He’s still attempting to create a theocratic state. It’s more about using religion as a form of authoritarian control. A study of theology suggests debate, thoughtfulness, and engagement with texts. That’s not the approach of theocrats - they “know” what a religious text means, even if they don’t.

People keep conflating all religious people with theocrats, and it’s not the case.


How many abortions do you think Trump has paid for over the years? It’s got to be in the dozens, right?


Yeah I don’t know why people keep pointing this out. How many cult leaders are drunks who forbid drinking in their cultists? Like, a lot of em right? Authoritarianism means dear leader does what is best because unlike everyone else, dear leader can only do what is best by virtue of being the chosen one and that’s that.


Or folks like the leaders if Islamic State, who by all accounts lack a robust understanding of the Quran and Islamic jurisprudence (which includes multiple, competing schools of thought). Even in the case of some place like Iran, which is run by religious clerics who likely DO have an informed understanding of such things, they are more likely to use that as a form of social control as opposed to as a guide for living for Muslims.


Heck, it doesn’t really matter if he has a good grasp of reading (apparently he doesn’t). His followers are getting something else out of supporting him.

Seeing where the SCOTUS is heading on gutting Roe v. Wade, I do have to admit that for once the old grifter actually seems to have delivered on a promise to his Xtianist marks.


I suspect his penis looks much grumpier than that.


Actually, I’d guess the number would be near zero. He’d either make the woman pay or stiff the doctor.


Well, Stormy Daniels got paid. Trump doesn’t just lose money on bad real estate investments.