Behold the face of God


Well… yeah. In Christianity he is male. Very much so. In all Abrahamic monotheisms, in fact. It’s not a fault of the imagination it’s… just what their religion is. I’m not a believer but if you asked me to tell you what the Christian God looks like, yeah, he’d be male in the same way Athena is female.


Seems punchable.


Nope; it’s close to how I pictured God when I was three.


Somewhere in my mom’s house there is a 40 year old crayon drawing of what looks like a frog wearing a fisherman’s hat and pink swim trunks, and that’s totally what I expect to see whenever I finally die…


Nope, the Google has led me down many strange paths today.


Doesn’t matter how loud, He hears you anyway.


There’s a workaround - just check out God’s butt instead. Worked for Moses…


I very much look forward to hanging with Frog God one day!


All hail hypnotoad


I wonder why the researchers didn’t have people select those images.


Now the researchers need to figure out how to use images without JPEG compression artifacts so they don’t accumulate in the average.


An obvious underachiever.


Iggy pop?


Nooooo… Iggy Pop!


Close, but not quite…


(I’m suprised we haven’t had any Pastafarians chime in yet.)


Meh, I would be crazy too considering all the fucked up shit we have done…

Personally I think if there is a god it is more like some Lovecraftian thing. Mad, uncaring and unconcerned with anything going on at our scale.




Hail Eris!


Actually, I think he is a stranger on the bus, tryiin’ make his way home…


The important question is are they heretical Triclavianists or True Christian Quadriclavianists?