Beloved Virginia farm takes heat for standing up against white supremacy


I’ve not only seen the movie more than once, but owned the album :slight_smile:


The kind of nation where about a third of it is made up of, essentially, Nazis. (Or, if you prefer, authoritarian white supremacists.)

I think it’s simpler than that. Many Trump voters don’t think they’re white supremacists, but they are. Just as “racism” has become a dirty word, so has “white supremacy.” And while people have rejected the labels, they’re very openly adhering to those ideologies. Which leads us to the current situation where you have people saying, “You’re a racist for calling me a racist. Just because I advocated for the Nazi platform…” That racism is a major part of why they’re Trump supporters, rather than a side issue they’re uncomfortably failing to reject.


Tragically, only about half of eligible Americans bother (or in many cases manage against efforts to stop them) to vote. Since Trump lost the popular vote, that means fewer than a quarter of America actually voted for Discount Shitler.


Many of us would starve.


Today I learned that Boing Boing is full of not-nazis because they clearly and loudly signalled it to anyone willing to read how not-nazi they are. Good job, not-nazis. I was worried for a minute that you were the bad kind of white people, but I feel satisfied that y’all are some of the good ones because of your clear not-nazi beliefs. Color me relieved.


Thanks for helping us learn about you!





The discrete charm of the not-not-Nazi.




Yep! People declaring themselves not-Nazis while denouncing actual Nazis is so much worse than, you know, actual fucking Nazis.


I mean, not-nazis are the REAL bigots here, right? I mean, what’s a little genocidal murder thrown into the discussion? Not like any nazis actually DID that in the past, right? /s


Woah, you sound like one of those not-a-Nazi Nazis. I bet you’re a castratin feminazi too!



If you’re gonna use a pointing gif, use the right one.


What are you, some pointing gif not-nazi? I see you!



[That’s the one I really wanted, but couldn’t find quickly.]


According to these sources, Penzeys believes it has been good for their business overall. Apparently they’ve experienced a small drop in store sales, but increased online sales.


I am far beyond just a “not-nazi.”


I prefer “Cheeto Skinned Caligula” myself. It captures the maliciously incompetent and ridiculous nature of his administration.


How about Captain Bone Spurs? Or Dolt45?