Beloved Virginia farm takes heat for standing up against white supremacy


Unpunished, Unrepentant Serial Pussy-Grabber works for me.


My favorite is Sen Tammy Duckworth’s "“Cadet Bone Spurs”.

As you recall from last week’s articles, Sen Duckworth is a goddamn war hero who lost both her legs in Iraq who lambasted the president for demanding people clap for him.

"“I spent my entire adult life looking out for the well-being, the training, the equipping of the troops for whom I was responsible,” she said. “I will not be lectured about what our military needs by a five-deferment draft dodger.”


Better to be Captain Obvious than Major Lee Oblivious.

Nazis are bad, and we shouldn’t even have to fucking say it… yet here we are.









Dollar Store Duce?


Cheeto Benito.


War is Peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.


There isn’t much heat for saying “resist white supremacy”. No one’s career will be ruined for saying that. No one is going to be blacklisted from Uber and AirBNB for saying that. No one will be deplatformed for that. What kind of “heat” do they get for that? They can’t even get angry tweets over it because all the white supremacists have already been deplatformed from Twitter. Virginia is a blue state already so it’s not like they are some brave liberals fighting all alone against hordes of evil Republicans. The Democratic party has support from America’s most powerful corporations, plus overwhelming support from out universities and media. So… are these guys really the rebels, or maybe they’re the establishment?

However they are getting great free clicks from all over the place for putting up some signs that cost them nothing and, if we’re being honest, generate no negative consequences to them.



Run over for a start.


Citation please

There’s one that comes to mind right away…


So you’re saying that “we” are being dishonest?

Are you perhaps . . . disappointed in bOINGbOING?

(I do wonder what someone like you even gets out of hanging out in what surely strikes you as a liberal/leftwing “echo chamber.”)


Lost his checkmark after massive public backlash, but he’s far from being banned from twitter. And the checkmark came after Charlottesville, which is literally the only thing he’s known for.


And shot. People (not you) are quick to forget that the life threatening injuries during this presidency started on inauguration day with a Wobbly who was trying to stop fights getting shot by a fascist with a grudge.

Of course, far-right violence has been going on for far longer but they felt the need to hide it before then.


Redundant phrasing is redundant.

(Not that I’m actually knocking anything you wrote. :+1: )


I remember it coming up in the court case. Someone had supposedly stolen his MAGA hat (not necessarily by someone on the left) so he wanted to take it out on someone, because that is clearly a justification for trying to kill a random person /s

No problems.