Ben Carson now blaming his own wife for the $31,000 dining set


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Pathetic little coward, just like the rest of the trump crowd. Grow a pair and admit you stole from the taxpayers. Nobody in this administration cares. They wear it proudly.


Last I heard it’s illegal for purchases to be made by non government employees, Ben.

Nice to see how quickly you threw your wife under the bus.


It was, quite literally, up to you.



It’s amazing how successfully Ben Carson has challenged the prevailing stereotypes about brain surgeons being smart.


Coward? More like bravest man ever. I would never dare blame my wife for anything.


Stay Classy, Mr. Carson.


As the Democrats on the committee pointed out:
• He’s admitting to letting his wife use taxpayer money without his oversight.
• This is the third version of the dining set story he’s told, which means his previous two statements were falsehoods.


Can you image being halfway through the anesthesiologist putting you to sleep for your brain cancer operation and the last thing you hear is the surgeon saying “Did you know the pyramids were used to store grain?”


But he’s honorable! THE Honorable! _


Women be shoppin’.

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For what it’s worth, “The Honorable __” is the standard form of address for all Cabinet members.


I guess it used to be a safer assumption back in the day?


It sure as hell isn’t a literal description, these days.


Christ, what an asshole.



Hmmm, some say otherwise



Clearly he’s an asshole for a variety of reasons. But am I the only one that thinks $31,000 isn’t too much for a nice dining room set? A nice chair could be a thousand dollars and he got like 12 of them, and a table and a credenza, and another credenza. I actually expect cabinet members to have nice furniture in their office. Even the assholes.