Ben Carson is super surprised about that $31k dining set he ordered


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Blue velvet and mahogany ??


The hell is that chair made of? Then again, I think most of this administration has trouble with the word “decent.”


Further demonstrating that when you drain a swamp you are left with scum.


What kind of craziness goes on there that they’ve rendered the furniture unsafe? I suppose if they want something the office budget doesn’t cover they can pull the balance out of their own pocket.


See? If they had replaced the furniture during the Obama administration this wouldn’t have happened. Obama’s fault once again.

“Thanks a lot, Obama!”


So…a dining set? The kind of stuff that goes in a home…eh…dining room? It’s been a while since I actively frequented the executive office world…but furnishing standards must have changed spectacularly since then.

I recall some obnoxious managerial douchebags griping about their executive wastebaskets not being sufficiently prestigious for their exalted status. I can only imagine the angst erupting from sub-caliber dining sets.

We live in wondrous times.


A few months ago, I was watching The Godfather with my SO, and commented that I’d rather have the Don Vito Corleone as POTUS than 45. Just as corrupt, but had lines he wouldn’t cross, and massively more competent.


You are an idiot Ben Carson. I can’t believe you actually put the goddamn value of the furniture on the official papers. You’re supposed to have a lobbyist buy the thing for you, then sell it to your office for the accepted price (plus a wink). How can you be so bad at corruption in this administration? This is a golden era for money under the table and you’re still a screwup.


Come on now…there’s a learning curve for neophytes.


Surely the Koch brothers own at least a few furniture manufacturers, no? Help a brother out!


The party of fiscal responsibility, folks.

Also the same one that throws multimillion dollar ragers for the RNC after parties.



This absolutely appalling set of circumstances will surely require at least $200k to fully investigate.


Corleone would also staff his administration with family members, and for the same reason: family are less likely to squeal to the FBI.

Of course that works out better when your family isn’t comprised entirely of Fredos.


Hmm. If the Housing and Urban Development Secretary’s office includes a dining room that fancy, what other infrastructure goes with it? Is there an attached private kitchen with staff, or do they wheel it from elsewhere in the Robert C. Weaver Federal Building?

I’m pretty sure that they don’t send out for a bucket from the Colonel.

In 2009, then Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan noted that “the building itself is among the most reviled in all of Washington—and with good reason.”[42] Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jack Kemp once described the building as “10 floors of basement.”







wow, that description is the kind of furniture you buy for pennies on the dollar at bankruptcy auction.


There’s a delicious video of Carson being grilled by a House committee member about the HUD budget. Carson acts like he’s above reciting budget figures, but his petulance demonstrates his utter lack of understanding that the House oversees him, not the other way around. Carson comes off as a man-baby, normally used to bluffing his way out of being in over his head, suddenly publicly and obviously way in over his head.


Somebody is overdue for his nap!