Senior Ben Carson staffer says she was demoted for refusing to "find money" to spend on lavish tax-funded perks for Carson's home and office


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Ben Carson now blaming his own wife for the $31,000 dining set

She should have gone with a pyramid theme!


Oh please let this narcoleptic, useless-ass token be next on the chopping block…


Running deep in Ben Carson, hypocrisy is.




IKR! Have you been to DWR recently? /s


I once bought an entire IKEA store for $4999.99. It lasted longer than a typical Trump appointee.


I dunno what I’m gonna use it for yet, but I’m totally stealing that gif.


A thousand dollars will buy a really nice chair. Add another thousand and you can have it reupholstered in leather. I really can’t see how it’s possible to spend more than that on an office chair without patronizing a shop that specializes in separating fools from their money.

Then again, I am perpetually amazed by the reckless waste of money that high income people indulge in (and then whine about how they aren’t rich and can barely make ends meet). It’s like the minute their income goes above six figures, they lose the ability to be content with ordinary things and start spending money like mad on useless frills.


“$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair.”

She misunderstood: when they said “chair” they meant a “chaise lounge” for sleepy Ben. It’ not like you can find one of these babies at Ikea:


She is a textbook Deep Stater. Exactly what the Trump admin loves to hate, and one of the few things holding us back from the abyss, at this point.


I still have my fingers crossed that there are a whole bunch of secret ‘Kingslayers’ working in the WH, covertly stabbing 45 and his admin in the back whenever they get the chance.


No no no, we’re all missing the point. $5,000 won’t buy a decent chair *under government contracting rules." This is Ben complaining about red tape, not Ben whining about decoration budgets! /s



It’s urban development.

DC counts as a city, right?




of course the solid gold one his boss has…


She could have got a bit of revenge in that position.


The Guillotine Watch tag is definitely missing for this article.


Why does this remind me of “Real Genius”?

Does Amazon ship popcorn in bulk?


The perception of US corruption lags pretty far behind where it’s at, methinks