Ben Carson says he got coronavirus from 'probably somewhere, out there in the universe,' HUD Secretary recovering at home

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How is this guy a brain surgeon?


Maybe all the patients are dead?


Maybe in a pyramid?

He’s good at taking them out. Practiced on himself.


Oh well he’s going to get a nice long holiday soon.


I guess he caught Space Covid. Good thing we have Space Force now to protect us from the evil of Space Covid. :-/


Just to finish out the context of the quote:

He isn’t denying it might have been the election night party, just acknowledging he has done a bunch of other stupid shit recently.

Anyway, I hope he continues to get better.


It would be quite the thing if two of the most prominent Black, Trump-supporting Republicans died of covid they got directly because of Trump, wouldn’t it? As a metaphor, maybe a bit too on-the-nose.

Oh gods, he really is. “I was doing so many reckless things with groups of uncaring people, who knows how I got it!”

(The whole thing with Meadows wandering around the White House, maskless, apparently after getting the positive test result and not giving a shit… whooo boy. The worst bit is that sounds like normal operating procedure in the White House.)


Fuck em - the whole lot. Rats on a sinking shit ship that’s on fire helmed by an even more deranged captain than ahab. I am Jack’s total lack of empathy


Off-topic, but is anyone EVER going to find out what it is that Xeni randomly does that causes Discourse to link comments links on some of her posts back to the blog or post rather than the comments thread? It’s been going on for a very long time now, and it is only Xeni, and only on some of her posts. It was claimed to be a Discourse bug that they were looking into but it’s a pretty weird bug that is so intermittent and only affects one blogger. It seems reasonable to suspect that there may be some different tool or process she uses for some of her posts that is somehow triggering this.

I’ll typically open a few comments threads at a time as I browse through blog view, and by the time I get to one where this has happened and instead of comments I have a tab with blog view in it, it is a pain to go find the headline for the relevant article, go to BBS and then type the headline into search to find the comments thread.

Or is this the ‘new normal’?

(@orenwolf - with apologies as I could not remember what the thread that was discussing this weeks ago was called, or I’d have posted there, instead.)


Is Ben Carson admitting that about the administration he is in? I mean he’s bang on but surely he should resign rather than serve “uncaring people”?


Carson is a perfect example of how you can be smart and highly capable in one narrow part of your life, and an ignorant dumbass everywhere else.

Or, in other words, he spent all of his skill points on surgery, and ignored the rest.


It all goes back to 2016…


I sure hope he didn’t forget his luggage


I mean, everything is “somewhere out in the universe”.

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OK, sure. . . but which universe? There’s an infinite number of them, you need to be more specific.


He should have stayed in the Nightosphere.

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I was getting to the essence of what he was admitting to. He admitted that he’d been doing all sorts of things that gave him the same level of exposure as hanging out with a large group of people, unmasked, including someone who tested positive and was still working in the White House in close quarters with everyone else, still without a mask.

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You have obviously not met many brain surgeons. Pretty much the apotheosis of “knowing everything about nothing.”


Historically, surgeons pioneered the use of surgical masks during operations.
To keep them from licking the instruments.