Ben Shapiro wants to know what Brett Kavanaugh's penis looks like

They should do a line up.


It is probably because he can see himself in the lens reflection. Has trouble looking in the mirror.

If he even has a reflection anyways.


Flipping through the dial on the way home, if I leave work a little early, I sometimes spend 10min to see what he’s talking about. While his program is mostly about building and knocking down strawmen, he does sometimes acknowledge other points before rejecting them, and I’ve heard him call out Trump and others on certain points, while still overall supporting them. And there was the time he quit Breightbart over antisemitism. So he isn’t completely corrupted to the point that he can at least sometimes acknowledge the bullshit in the room.

To compare: someone like Mark Levin would never acknowledge any points, and while he loves to point out antisemitism of the left, still writes for Breitbart. In comparison, Shapiro is way more reasonable.

Of course when ever a pundit says something reasonable on the 2hr radio show, that never gets repeated. It is the bat shit stupid stuff like wanting to know why no one has described someone’s dick. :confused:

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That’s the only reason he does it, though, just so he can knock them down…

He doesn’t want to seem like TOO much of a sycophant, as that would destroy his “rational and logical” narrative of himself.

yeah, but he’s willing to embrace or at least dismiss it in other places, so I’m guessing that there was something else going on there. And he’s Jewish, if I’m remembering correctly. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t regularly shit on others. The defense of his particular identity doesn’t excuse promoting bigotry against other groups.

I don’t find him to be so.

Whatever “reasonable” things he says are far outweighted by the horrible ones. It’s not the outrageous things like this that bother me, it’s the leaning heavy into the right wing views overall that is the problem.

Contrapoints did a video on Shapiro:

Anyone who will deny the basic humanity of their fellow human beings, even if they say some reasonable shit now and again.

[ETA] And given the attempt to strip trans folks of their hard won rights AND the ongoing epidemic of murders of black trans women especially, Shapiro’s bigoted rhetoric is contributing to all that. he’s engaged in dehumanizing others, and that shouldn’t be acceptable to any of us.


Kapo Ben knows his role in conservative media: a supposedly intellectual and reasonable gateway to the alt-right. His sole point of disagreement with the rest of the fascists is that he thinks Jews are white and they don’t.

Anyone who believes this hopped-up HS debate club nerd is ever arguing in good faith is fooling himself.


And just think. He was pulling this face when describing how much he loves beer. Just imagine what he looks like in full beast mode.

“Maybe they’re generic” -Shapiro, referring to a SCOTUS appointee’s junk.

They? Methinks Ben knows more than we do.


So…Jacob Wohl’s idea of a smart person then.


I’m not by any means defending Shapiro. Don’t mistake me thinking he isn’t the worst for being ok with his politics.

I am just saying I see glimpses of clarity and understanding where it is clear he understands what is going on. He isn’t a blind zealot like some of the Trump supporters who really think Trump is a great businessman, there is a literal invasion on the southern border, and China is stealing billions from the economy. And like I said, when Breitbart finally got too overt for him, he at least had the moment of clarity to resign.

But, despite knowing these things, and even occasionally acknowledging it, he goes ahead and uses it to keep bashing “the left” who is responsible for everything bad in the world. He may say something like, “Trump shouldn’t have said that, it isn’t true and hurts the party…” and then ends it with a, “But, the left deflection, deflection, deflection.” So no, he’s not “ok”.


Kind of makes him even worse, actually. Because if he KNOWS better and continues to spew out hateful rhetoric that is, frankly contributing to getting people killed.

Yes. So, fuck him. I’m sick of these rich, elite assholes making a bundle off hate and then claiming that they’re the real victims here… People like him are contributing to the worsening situation here in the US. The fact that he sometimes seems to “know better” just… GGGGGHAHAHAHAHP[OINF;KSA;JNKF;JKJ… enrages me more, you know?

Super Hans, go kick that door for me buddy, thanks…


I bet Ben Shapiro likes Coldplay… you can’t trust people who listen to Coldplay…


A broken clock…

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The tie does a good job of restraining the foreskin though it’s just a guess whether that’s a good thing or not.


I don’t know that anything he said was necessarily wrong, except I don’t know how you identify a specific penis. They’re mostly pretty similar judging by the locker rooms I’ve been in.

Honestly though I just personally want Kavanaugh to be guilty, because he seems like a world class douche in need of some comeuppance.

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It’s wrong to suggest that the latest Kavanaugh accuser’s story isn’t credible if she doesn’t have a photographic recollection of what her assaulter’s penis looked like four decades ago.


And in the final assessment, it’s still a bathroom selfie.


I specifically made that very same point in the text you quoted.

It’s all projection, deflection and gaslighting with this guy. He’s a Jewish fascist; as in a living, breathing oxymoron.

Exactly. He is actually pretty bright, not the typical mouth-breathing racist by any means, which makes him all the more dangerous…


He’s not a monster. I think he honestly believes most of what he’s saying. Some people simply hold different beliefs than you, it doesn’t mean they’re insincere or even wrong.

I really don’t want to defend Ben Shapiro, I’ve soured on him a bit because he’s trended to sensationalism. That’s where the money is. Capitalism!

It’s just tiresome, this ridiculous demonization that’s happening on the left AND the right. There’s just no space for nuance anymore. If you want to be in the club you have to be in perfect lockstep or not at all.

I just remember a time when Republicans and Democrats actually worked together to fuck over the American people.

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No you didn’t. You suggested the only problem with Shapiro’s comment is that most penises look more or less the same.