Ben Shapiro wants to know what Brett Kavanaugh's penis looks like

So don’t. Nothing about what he said deserves a defense.


Okay, but I think the bottom line is that we both agree that he’s wrong in suggesting that she should be able to identify him by his penis.

I think it’s monstrous to suggest Arab Israelis and Palestinians should be deported from their homelands.
I think it’s monstrous for an educated 35 year old to support a ban on abortion including cases of rape and incest.
I think it’s monstrous to suggest that transgender people suffer from mental illness.
I think it’s monstrous to vilify Muslims, or any ethnic group for that matter.
I think it’s monstrous not to recognize systemic racism in America, especially in the Trump era.

I agree. Oh if you only knew. :wink: And I concur that the left is also part of the problem in terms of the polarization of our politics; Shapiro in some cases makes a point in identifying the excesses of the left, but his own intolerance far outweighs the intolerances he is so keen to highlight. Normally I wouldn’t be so quick to demonize. But these aren’t normal times.


Seen this one?

It’s quite good in my recollection.


Believing that some people are subhuman is not “a different belief”… it’s a dangerous ideology that leads in only one direction.


That’s cool, I get what you’re saying, I just don’t believe that Shapiro is really all that monstrous. Very few people actually listen to or objectively learn about these partisan boogie men. George Soros is literally Satan if you’re on the right.
Nobody listens to each other, we’re all trapped in our identity echo chambers (who’s greatest trick ever was to convince us that we aren’t). I just happen to live a life where both of these extremes intersect and it’s maddening how we’re being played against one another.
Sorry, soapbox.

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Does Ben Shapiro believe some certain group of people are subhuman? I’ve never heard him say anything like that.

Yes. He completely denies that trans folk exist, and constantly misgenders them. That’s some fucked up shit right there. I believe I have the contrapoints video up thread, where how he constantly dehumanizing trans people is discussed (in a far more entertaining way than Ben Shapiro’s bullying, shitty act).


LobsterDaddy, I think, but that could apply to a lot of them.


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It’s a terrible problem. And seems to show no sign of abating. It’s what frightens me most actually, since as a keen student of history I am all too familiar with the historical precedents…I just have less and less time for these fascist enablers, whether or not they really believe what they are saying, and whether or not they’re just doing it for a buck. Their words and actions have real-world consequences. I’ve lived through Reagan, George W., now the cruelty and utter absurdity of Trump, with each iteration more illiberal than the next. What’s next? There comes a time to say enough with tolerating the intolerant.


Snarl on his, a big disgrace
Waving his johnson all over the place…


No. Will check it out!

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I normally wouldn’t stoop to attack a journalist, and I’m no fan of Jordan Peterson, but Tabatha Southey is a complete wingnut, and that piece was pure agitprop.

Sexual assault denial as a reflexive stance is the point of sexual assault denial, the logic is rationalization after the fact.


Contrapoints is proof that there is a god, and she loves us, right?




Jewish nazi would be an oxymoron. Fascism can fester in any culture and any nation in the world.


This is my first encounter of Mr. Shapiro. Someone please tell me that video clip was sped up. Does he talk that way all the time?


Though he had the presence of mind to realize shower in the background was incrementally classier than the toilet in the background.