Best Movies for Getting Over a Breakup


I just finished rewatching “High Fidelity” and it always makes me feel better.
Also, “Man Up” was great and I think Simon Pegg might be my new dream man.

Any other suggestions for movies to watch after a bad break up?
I was the one who got dumped, if that helps.


I seem to revisit some classic WWII buddy films in these moments. They have little to do with romance, and they’re often funny as hell and poignant. Also, almost all bro’s.

A bridge too far, tora tora tora, Kelly’s Heroes.


30 Rock episodes on a loop.


Then you should watch Simon Pegg’s early work in Spaced.


haven’t watched that in a while. it was good.


I was expecting @jlw to suggest Das Boot…

Hmm, that doesn’t look so good written down. Not trying to be an arsehole.

Grosse Pointe Blank?


See #2


looks fine!

Also MASH. Just start at the beginning.


500 Days of Summer?

Eternal Sunshine?


can you summarize in a not totally spoilery way, why this is true?

Or, i guess, use spoiler tags?


And Attack The Block



Also good, Alice’s Restaurant, notable for its lack of happy ending.


band of brothers would be a good series. bit of a commitment, though.


I need to try that again. I bounced off it straight away last time.



it’s not actually about space aliens


Oh, that’s easy:

It’s hilarious.


so bad it’s good? i will give it a try :stuck_out_tongue:


That really all depends upon your personal definition of “bad.”

It’s not well known, and some of the scenes are so over the top they can be a little hard to watch, but the payoff at the end of the movie is totally worth it.


i’ve been watching gotham and i just thought of "the tao of steve."
i haven’t seen it since it first came out but i remember it made quite the impression on me.
trying to find a copy and rewatch. let’s see how relevant it is.