Best obituary and memorial ever!


i’ll post this here (where it will likely collect dust) but i imagine in two or three days one of the headliners will put it on the blog. oh, well . . .


i don’t know whether to like or cry :thinking:


So, not this Rick Stein?

Or is it?


the rick stein obituary makes no mention of him seeking the perfect curry, anywhere.


Nah, @Medievalist is still around.
As announced, he is still reading stuff on BB/BBS, but has stopped posting for the time being.


I have absolutely no idea what to make of this1), but for some reason it feels soothing and reassuring to me.

1) Kinda reminds me of Royal’s funeral in The Royal Tenenbaums, especially the headstone. If I ever get around to compile that list of headstone phrases, this will be in the top ten.


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