Best Pandemic DIY Projects of 2020

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“our FIRST pandemic” christmas ornament? yikes. i’d prefer it to just say “Pandemic 2020” – i certainly hope we all don’t have to go through another one any time soon.


I’d suggest an “Our Last Pandemic” ornament, but that might have the wrong connotations…

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I took some of the federal unemployment money to build my Pandemic Project, the HD Video Feedback Kinetic Sculpture (on boingboing here).

I’m broke again, but at least I made something. And I’d like to make it even more elaborate (anyone in the position to help fund this?)


Not sure if this means anything, but the Global Dot went fully blue when I started playing this.

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What is the Global Dot?

Some sort of experiment about random number generators and possible influence on them by people or events or something. I have no idea what it means. I’m not involved in any way. I just find it’s a funny concept.

I thought I put a linky to the site in my post. Here 'tis.


Ah, I get it.

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