Best Sexy Costume 2013: Edgar Allan Ho




I can’t decide whether to make a joke about The Conqueror Worm or The Imp of the Perverse.


Ed Poe, or Ed Wood? I’d call this the best of both worlds.


Quoth the Raven, “Fabulous!”


Electric Six did the “Sexy Lincoln” quite well I thought


Say you so?


Be still my beating heart!


dude can totally come rap-tap-tapping at my chamber door any time he likes


I admire him for doing this so well, and I hate him because his Poe is so much better than mine.


You criticized spelling and then got snarky when someone else criticized spelling? Mmkay.


Quoth the raven, Neverwhore?


I’m not the only person who says that? Cool.


Velvet Jones would disagree:


Not literally, though.



What can’t it buy?



Skirt too long. No slit to show leg. 2/10 would not bang.


Wow, really? You got defensive and sarcastic at someone’s muted correction to your unnecessarily-pedantic original post? And called them the spelling police? A little self-awareness may be in order.


or how about H. P. Lovelace? (like the late adult film star Linda Lovelace)


(Obligatory “Sexy Cthulu”)


It’s a dual costume. He is also dressed as a white knight.