Best video for a gun that shoots nets to ensnare bad people


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Shootout in Oregon: one terrorist killed, eight arrested

I’m reminded of the extensive panoply of slaver weapons described in “Star Wars Roleplaying Game” materials.


Spider man webs!


“Where’s the fun here? No holes were poked in or blood pouring from the arm flailing character.”

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$1,999.99 + $4.49 shipping.



This used to come standard in all Wonderbugs:


Worst. Ninja. Ever.


Easy fix: add spikes to the authorities’ restraint poles.


On the plus side, it does appear to be electrocuting him.


This is sold for catching birds and wildlife, save big here Only $1600.- At least compared to Amazon’s offer.
Also, they had an electrified net on a Big Bang Theory episode, that would be more effective on “bad” people.



Japanese catchpoles for the win! Why does no-one else use these ancient-tech non-lethal pole-arms?


*squints* Is… is that “bad guy” menacing her from the distance with a spatula?

[edit] Oh, wait, no, it’s a wrench. Ok, a menacing mechanic is much scarier than a chef. Just thinking about my last mechanic’s bill makes me break out in sweat!


Well, at least Batman can afford them.


Mario Woods wishes the SFPD saw this.


You’d have to get a bunch of these, at $2K per. It’d be cheaper to just give the robbers the money.

/that, and it’s intended for birds and small mammals.


It’s not to stop muggers, it’s to stop loonies for whom the strain of living in modern Japan has become too much and who then decide to kill everyone around them. Since this is Japan and getting hold a firearm is problematic, they go amok with a blade, usually, or a can of petrol/gas. In which case it’s perfectly cromulent to stop them with nets and catchpoles. How much is a office-lady’s life worth? $2000 sounds cheap.

I first saw catchpoles demonstrated at a staff safety briefing at a temple in Kyoto a few years ago (I was doing the tourist thing and just happened to catch it; they invited visitors to watch). Apparently it’s a thing in Japan where the terminally angry try to burn down the traditionally-constructed wooden temples, and stopping them with massed application of catchpoles is also a thing.

ETA: DSCN7818.jpg


Crime in Japan is hilarious.



Yeah, I could see a catchpole working. This thing - not so much…

Though if I were rich I’d buy one to chase kids around with.

Kids I know and related to, not like random strangers on the playground.

ETA - I think I am wrong. That net appears to create it’s own gravitational force, causing the victim to collapse under the weight.