Bet on what will Trump ban during his first term

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Paddy Power is an Irish company (although their u.k. operations are probably bigger than in Ireland). They often run bets like this. They had a bet on the color of Trump’s skin at the inauguration


There is a much greater chance of him “banning stairs” than “outlawing guns in any American state.”



It will be something small that nobody in the support camp will see as a big deal. It may even be relevant to lgbt but spun in a way so it’s ‘going after terrorists hiding amongst the downtrodden and persecuted.’ Supporters will spin it as ‘see? We’re progressive to you faggots. We’re trying to help find the bad ones that will hurt you.’

It will be yelled about on deaf ears because it opens the door for everyone in those communities or groups to be persecuted even though officially lgbt is still OK.

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So, is Trump like an old-school Dalek?



This argument was made during the campaign as to why LGBT folks should prefer the GOP. They’ll get rid of the scary Mooslins who want to chop yer heads off like they do in Eye-ran! We don’t think you deserve rights, either, but we aren’t advocating for your execution yet, so win-win, right?


I’m surprised “Sharia Law” isn’t an option. Maybe the odds are too good for that.


He will ban prosecution of all future child molesters.

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Though the chances are slimmer, does Irish include descendants? Families who were present before the ratification of the Constitution?
Asking for a friend.


I’m putting my money on the stairs banning based on an insider tip I got from David Tennant that Daleks in Manhattan was actually based on real events.


First Term?

There will be no Term.

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Hmmm… what shall I bet on…?
How long did it take Erdogan to have the army start shutting down newspapers?

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4 Likes is currently showing around a 22% that DT will “no longer be president” at year end.

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I don’t know - if I was at an event attended by Ted Cruz I might consider execution as a form of mercy killing.


Of course anyone who actually knows what the term means understands that saying you’re going to ban “Sharia” is like saying it’s now illegal to keep Kosher or follow the Ten Commandments.


I have a friend. He is an incredible data scientist, and has a penchant for minor gambling. We are talking a buck or two, small potatoes. He will be called The Sage. (There is so much back story to this story it would be improbable, if not impossible to unpack)

Given his excellent track record, amazing analysis, and forthight, here is my prediction of what his prediction would be.

Brown people. And let’s be super fucking specific–asians are not brown; mongolians are not brown; Inuit are not brown; argententians are not brown; first Nations are not brown. Latin Americans, when used in very specific terms, are not brown.

Ten to one, my friend The Sage, will tell you brown people will be banned first.

(Funny note, I am browner than he is, the Sage is from Japan, and grew up in Australia. He is a superstar.)

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I think he will ban reporters from the White House.

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Ah. Well, then.