Betabrand's "catstooth" is a play on classic houndstooth pattern

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So cute! I hope the get the jacket, too.




Those Cats chinos look nice, but I think I’ll wait until they release the butthole cut version.


They are the cat’s pyjamas!


And they say there is no good news being reported.

In these uncertain times, where cat lady clothing is moving from “niche” to mainstream, I support this look 100%


For anyone unfamiliar with Betabrand…
They used to make mens clothing (I think they’ve kind of ditched that side of the business), and I was a big fan of their stuff. Interesting, fun, well made. I even had an exchange directly with the CEO over a pre-order snafu that they made right.
I highly recommend them!


But how will we grab them by the pussy if the pussy is everywhere?

Bummer that they dropped the men’s line. I used to really like their bike-to-work trousers.


Agreed. I’m happy that they seem to still be going strong, but I do miss the men’s line

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Yeah I remember buying a few corduroy pants from betabrand ( and they had a line of sci-fi-space jackets that I really liked but never got around to actually buy. Makes me a bit sad.

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I guess that you weren’t alone in liking the look, but not enough to purchase.

They’ve almost ditched it. Obviously clearance, but it appears some items are available.

Yeah, I suspect that may have been a part of the problem. They made a lot of things that I would categorize as “novelty” items in the mens line. Like the reversible smoking jacket that I bought. I was stoked for it, but in practice I have seldom reversed it to it’s more flamboyant side. But I do wear my clownasutra shirt often, and in the winter practically live in my black wool hoodie.

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