Bic apologizes for urging South African women to "Think Like a Man"


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“Satisfy powerful men’s preference for neotony”
“Be polite and don’t make a fuss and stay in your place”
“The world doesn’t value the female perspective, and has no intention of changing so get used to it”
“take a long lunch, delegate everything and throw peons under the bus when shit hits the fan”
What part of this ever seemed like a good idea?


Mega AMP always seemed like a hard worker.


“We apologize for saying that out loud. We certainly didn’t intend to offend anyone.”


What is the problem? Bic just wants to make sure that S. African women don’t burn them selves lighting up! Women are notoriously afraid of fire (men invented fire) and really need a man to help overcome their fears. Statistically the field of pyromania is dominated by men although strides are being made by women at places like Cirque, and burning MAN


So she’s supposed to think with her dick? I can’t see that ending well at all.


Well, there’s a Feminist message in there. Just expressed very very wrongly.
I can’t hate it as much as I am supposed to.


I really hate the “look like a girl” part. Why do they want grown woman to look like girls? Creepy, bic, creepy.


Pen is as pen does.


Oh man, they fucked up BIG TIME!!! That’s some real back-pedalling and furious apologising right there!!!

I mean, on the one hand it exposes a culture so myopic and lacking in self awareness about it’s deeply entrenched sexism that no one apparently noticed how inappropriate this was before it got posted.

On the other hand, LULZ!!!


To be fair, biros are complex machines and often too tough for ladybrains to figure out.


Not Bic’s first fuck-up in this arena:


Think like a man. Wtf does that even mean?


Rationally, I imagine.


I know, right? Chicks hey. Stupid, stupid chicks.

Anyway, welcome to Boing Boing, enjoy your stay. A little word to the wise though, there be Dragons in this place… and so far, you look tasty.




With musk, a cigar, pretentiousness, a slice of bacon, and a magnificent beard. But Bic is mistaken, a true man writes with carbon he burned from a marmot tusk. And if you think you are a man, and you don’t have a tusked marmot, think again buster. (Sarcasm, extreme sarcasm)


As a man, I guarantee you I am a perfect median when it comes to male/female rationality. So I see your comment as rational as Greek yogurt on bacon.


Slow down there, Nice Guy.