'Bikini airline' places $6.5 billion order for 50 additional jets


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I suppose this is an extension of the breastaurant concept.


They’ve been marketing attractive stewardesses suggestively since at least 1971:



No Speedo service?


Ugh. Just no


“VietJet is a budget airline and they will open a route to Indonesia without the bikinis,”

Indonesians should have asked for the fine print on that statement.


Will the entire crew observe uniform standards?


I’m sure the passengers will observe them…


No bikinis atoll?


It’s the Hooters of airlines.

I wonder how many end up on the flights just because they’re available in the right timeslot or the right price and are surprised when they step on the plane and see the attendants.


Indeed, I’d hope the aircrew and ground crew are all bikini-clad as well, with a camera in the cockpit so passengers can confirm their pilot is in proper uniform.

I think they should take it a step further, though, and require all the passengers to be in bikinis as well. It would make for better security, as it would be much more difficult to smuggle on any weapons or such.


Try JetBlueballs.


I am not female, and I guess would not have any knowledge of this, but it seems that just should not be terribly a comfortable uniform. I was a swimmer in college, and am familiar with snug and tiny clothing, but it was such a relief to get real clothes back on. Cannot imagine that being my work outfit.


Ummm, :astonished: no. Most of us should probably not choose that option. Ever.


WTF! I need Friday over and done with stat.


Bikinis or not, whatever they are doing it seems to be working:

Vietjet: Q3 earnings was up 105%, the international revenue ratio was over 50%

“The airline also was listed in the 22nd in the world’s 50 best airlines worldwide for finance indicators by Airfinance Journal, the world’s leading magazine in the aviation finance sector, with better ranking than many prestigious airlines.”

Oh, and that $6.5 Billion order was preceded by a $12.7 Billion deal with Boeing in July.


RIGHT? Why the hell not!


Careful upon landing, shift happens.


Maybe its a good time to buy a bunch of 737 max aircraft at a great price.